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i will sleep well tonight :D (without the drinking of last weekend)

looks like they learned to sneak up on the .50 cal nest ....

and i did not see any tracers on the firefight screenshot

(to be sure not to make a fuss about PC or 360 maybe put in the grin names with the players :P)


check the rifle on the guy standing.... looks like a sniper to me :D

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Now all we need is some videos. Gameplay videos, no cheesy trailers.

Yep :thumbsup: , or some first person "in game" screenies would be nice while we wait (i.e., showing what info, if any, you normally see in game like ammo count?, health status?, weapon selected etc

PS Malleus that pic is great :D

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Humm, I see on that screen, the hand still is inside the GL-attachment. I wonder if they remove it this time and is the AI always covering your back like that ?

Nice screens btw, hopefully there'll be gameplay-vids with AI-commands in the near future and a weapon-list. :yes:

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