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Anything new with GRAW2?


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Sorry for the ignorance but I've been gone a while due to a new baby and being very busy at work these days.

I'm curious what, if anything, is going to be different with GRAW 2. Have the devs said anything about making it less linear or anything like that? I'm assuming the views (3rd/1st w/no weapon) are the same still as well?

Thanks for any info.... :)

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Not too much has been said about the game yet... but part of it is supposed to take place in the great outdoors, so expect less linearity. Still, I don't think level design will equal [GR]'s freedom.

Short bullet list? Why not...

-Cross-Com can now be switched to full-screen, and you can give commands from said screen.

-You can command the MULE, and also order air strikes.

-Graphical upgrades here and there.

Basically, this is the game that Ubi wanted to make the first time around, so don't don't count on a groundbreaking sequel. That said, it should still be fun.

I'm sure someone can chime in with more details... in the meantime, I hope this is enough.

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