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2 small requests for the Single player portion of the game...


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sorry if im missed posting this in an appropriate topic but here goes anyways:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE no more missions where the cross-com gets jammed up like in the original game...the screen distortion was annoying....when previews of graw were going around i heard that there would be portions where the cross-com would malfunction....i personally expected the cross-com to shut off forcing me to go back to basics, instead i got a jammed up screen.........not again ok guys :flowers:

secondly...i wont get into the whole separate co-op campaign argument...but for the sake of making the game longer i would please ask that they add a "firefight" mode with the single player maps that way we can get more use out of them beyond the campaign itself...by firefight i mean that enemies are randomly placed on the map..

just small grievances...

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I agree with both points. Not much to say about Co-Op that hasn't been said before...

But I'll vent about Cross-Com distorting the screen. It's supposed to be an asset, not a liability. Oh, and if you ask me, if my monocle started spewing static into my left eye on the battlefield, I'd tear it off. I understand a soldier doesn't go around destroying expensive military equipment, but if it endagers his safety...

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