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With GRAW2 less than 2 months away its probably safe to assume its gonna stick with the same matchmaking system. I was just wondering how people felt about a combination of GRAW and HALO 2 matchmaking.

HALOs system for ranked matchs was fair, quick and easy to use. GRAW however suffers from abusive hosts, stacking etc.

GRAWs non ranked system is perfect for the casual gamer who wants to pick and play a few rounds with his mates or meet new people and generally socalise a bit more.I don't know how hard it would to implement the system(I know it wouldnt be easy) but it would cater for diffferent types of players and take away some of that frustration

Do people even care about rank?? I enjoy ranked games in halo because your facing people around the same skill level and its a challenge. One of the downsides is, is that it encourages cheaters. Or would you prefer rank taken out all together and instead opt for challeging unlockables?

What are your thoughts?

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Just to get this out of the way: if the rank is hidden, people care much less. Take Microsoft's TruSkill (or whatever they call it). Sure, sometimes people will cheat to get on leaderboards, but generally, when they don't see the rank, they don't care.

Now, of course, if we're talking in-game rank (the military ranks, in this case), then yes, people probably cheat to get them. That said, I've been playing Vegas for a while, and I haven't seen anyone cheating just yet.

On to the reason why it's hard for developers to implement a party system into matchmaking on the 360: Microsoft's TruSkill matchmaking system doesn't allow parties. Plain and simple. It's the only reason Gears of War didn't have one, and it's why FASA has to create its own matchmaking system for Shadowrun to allow parties.

So yeah, I somehow doubt Red Storm took the time to come up with their own matchmaking system. Therefore, I expect an MP similar to GRAW. :wall:

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