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TeamWarfare - GR:AW 2 Competitive Play Support


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The TeamWarfare League (TWL) is proud to announce that we will be supporting competitive play via Ladders/Leagues & hopefully a release Tournament for Ghost Recon:Advanced Warfighter 2.

I'd like to welcome everyone to our newly opened GR:AW 2 public forum on TWL, where the competitive gamers amongst you can discuss the upcoming GR:AW2 release and what you would like to see in terms of available competitive play - Ladder Types, League Types, possible Tournament structure.

As far as we can see, GR:AW 2 will be offering all of the existing MP functionality of GR:AW and adding a whole lot more for our enjoyment.

Please come on over & start the discussions on what you'd like to see offered for competitive play from TWL!!

Link: TeamWarfare GR:AW 2 Public discussion forum


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Hey i new this was somewhere, come on euro guys join up we have 7 very good teams active and ready to go we have played KFORF to date, a very good match. Once we get enough teams and feedback the power ladder can be changed (it will still be there) for something we all agree on.

You guys who are considering joining other sites, take a look you might like it.

See you in game :)

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i wanted to know - how long duz it take to set a match up in your League? could you play 5 or 10 matches per day per clan if you wanted to? or do you have to schedule a match in advance?

Beaver can answer it better but i think you can do as many in a day that you want. The problem is the other team has to accept it. Currently most schedule for that night, the next or a week from then. The power ladder is pretty open although the individual when finished won't be as much.

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