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What Attracted You To Ghost Recon?


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The first tacsim I ever played was Rogue Spear, which I found interesting but too inflexible in mission mode - too much time in the planning stage, not enough leeway to adapt on-the-fly. So I ended up playing mostly the SP lone-wolf missions - ultra-stealthy - I'll never forget the first time I actually crept around and killed all the tangos on the snowy depot map - sheer heart-pumping adrenaline.

Then a friend at work started talking about GR, and I did my calculations and reckoned my old steam-powered Mac could just about handle it on low settings. Which it could... I dived straight into a firefight on one of the woodland maps and got wasted while watching the trees wave and listening to the birds sing. Talk about immersion - I thought I was back on exercise in BAOR. And that was me, well hooked...

Now I'm on a vamped-up PC, I can play everything at hi-res... and I can MOD too (well, I've got all the kit, if none of the talent). No need for any other games - Tinker, you've got competition for the last one out of here for switching off the lights :thumbsup:


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The genre, being a ghost in various locations, M10 Iron Dragon in the woodlands, the weather fx, eax sound fx, the sound of creaking silver birch on that first mission, graphics .. the shadows were awesome for its day, but soul or character switching has to be one of my favourite things about the [GR] game, it was great because you could try out the different weapons in game, so many good things and i enjoyed unlocking these lot......

will jacobs

susan grey

scott ibrahim

nigel tunney

lindy cohen

klaus henkel

jack stone

henry ramirez

guram osadze

dieter muntz

buzz gordon

astra galinsky

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I'd say it's dam near impossible to put your finger on exactly what IT is that GR did right. There are countless other games with all the same functions and abilities and features as GR but...they're not GR and just don't have the appeal.

The success of GR must be the sum of all the little details that went into it. What more can I say after my co-op buddy and myself have had an awesome time in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter co-op but are both itching to load up new maps in GR? It just doesn't seem to make sense - playing a 6-year old game over a game that's less than one year old.

I think a lot of GR's appeal has to do with its difficulty. The game forces you to think tactically and even forces you into "survival" mode. You have to use cover, you have to be stealthy, you can't just play like an idiot and depend on your over-powered weapon to save your butt like in so many other games. So many of the GR stories my buddy and I have start with, "do you remember when we got totally jacked up on that map?". You know what I'm talking about. All of that just makes victory that much sweeter.

One of our favorite maps is Creekbed. It would seem strange that a favorite map is one where we constantly get our butts handed to us by the enemy AI. But like I said, it makes the "wins" that much better.

As someone mentioned, when you spawn with your AI mates in front of "The Castle" and you hear the breeze and you know you need to get prone fast as opfor is near, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck standup. There isn't any other game I know of (except for maybe SWAT 4) that is so immersive and so intense.

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Playing the original missions still, and having fun!

10 Minutes into a mission, able to spot targets and form a plan.

Fell for the SA80/FRAG and MBC as my all time fav.

Swamp Map alone on a firefight, with a Socom! :drool: Keeps me on the edge of my seat every time.

Polling Station, grabbing them hostages are not easy!

The limit to players in GR Co-Op, keeps GR Alive forever!

There will always be new mods and missions.



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My brother in-law bought this game for me on 24 Nov 2001 for my birthday, he also bought a copy for himself as we were looking for a game we could play together at the time. My world changed the moment I inserted the discs into the drive. I hadn't really played any MP games before that one but had a little experience with FPS' with Quake and UT, and Wolfenstein. But THIS game, oh man, brought a whole new light to my world.

After just a month, we had formed a team and named it Nation of Domination, and it was over from there. I think the major contributing factor to what has attracted me to this game is how tactical you have to be to win. You have to use your brain and go slow. You can't just run around corners unless you have the fastest eye-hand coordination in the world. It wasn't like UT where u had infinite lives and could re-spawn and try it again, it was your only life (m ind you talking about matching here, I know you could take your teammates bodies in SP).

Another major contributing factor was unbelievably Clan Ladder. They had the perfect ladder for Ghost Recon. It was tactical, tactical, tactical. You only had one life on CL, so you had to use it wisely. These current ladders such as BQL and TAG ( I know tag and BQL have the TW game type but no one uses it) miss the point of the game by adding re-spawns. How is ganging up on a spawn point tactical? Sure you have to have some skill to be able to take the team over and back them up to their spawn point and block em in, but that really does take from the game. It forces you to think when you have only one life. Sure the game is longer but that was a lot of the fun in CL back in those days.

Overall, it is just the tactical side of things such as peeking, the command map, using team tactics etc.. that made this game what it is.

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I actually got Ghost Recon by accident.

I'm a member at bestgames.se which is a website that send you their game of the month every month for a small price tag (cheaper than in a usual store). There is of course a new game every month. The game is send to you automatically unless you don't cancel it.

Sometime in 2002 Ghost Recon Complete was the game of the month. It looked interesting so I tried the demo which wasn't as fun as I had hoped for.

"###### no weapon view? Now why did I die? etc. etc."

I simply didn't like the game but I forgot to cancel it at bestgames so after about two weeks Ghost Recon came in my mail. Since it was so cheap I decided to keep it and give it a shot, after all, it was the game of the year in 2001 and I got two expansions with it :)

After a few hours I was hooked. The only FPS I had tried before GR back then was Unreal so GR was a quite new experience for me. I began to love the realism and slow gameplay and my friends started to like it too. Ghost Recon was my favorite game until I got Rome Total War and the rest is history.

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1. great community

2. rush of adrenaline after i didn't play for some time and then got back in team vs team games. I really liked it when we played 16 vs 16 and at the end i was alone vs 5 players. My heart was really doing his job in those times.

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Playing the original missions still, and having fun!

10 Minutes into a mission, able to spot targets and form a plan.

Fell for the SA80/FRAG and MBC as my all time fav.

Swamp Map alone on a firefight, with a Socom! :drool: Keeps me on the edge of my seat every time.

Polling Station, grabbing them hostages are not easy!

The limit to players in GR Co-Op, keeps GR Alive forever!

There will always be new mods and missions.



Same here! GR was my first real FPS, before that I was more into race sims, tactical adventure (POP games) etc. So in a way GR ruined me for other games and especcially other FPS (as someone earlier stated). It was love at first sight! And guess what? I am still loving every minute of it, just as you guys and girls! :o=


I was thinking about starting this exact topic in the ideal shooter forum, but label it and gear the discussion along the lines of trying to define what "it" is that keeps people comparing GRAW to GR while saying "it" is missing.

However, I'll leave your topic here as it is a GR discussion. ;)

The 'IT' that GR has, has already been described for me by DonMiquel (GoTo The 'IT')

Viva Ghost Recon!

*edit: had to change 'guys' into 'guys and girls' ;)

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I was at my brother-in-law's house, surfing download.com looking for a good game, and then I found it,

the one game I had waited years to play, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon! I had bought the guide years before,

I picked it up wondering what it was, and thought it looked like the coolest game ever, so I bought the guide

for the day I got the game. But so anyways I downloaded it, burnt it, and rushed home to install it.

Finally I got it installed on my mind blowing gaming rig :rolleyes: ( cough cough ) and started it up,

It was incredible! I did pretty good, lol I had read the guide 400 times so I knew how I needed to play to not

get slaughtered. I was hooked, and so maybe a month later I bought the gold edition, I beat it in about two days,

and played it for a long time before forgetting about it, then I moved out and got the internet, and went in search

of mods, and that is what is my 'IT' mods, so many great mods, if you keep getting shot and are about to insert you

computer into your wall, then you activate a mod or two and you have a new game, which is great again.

One day i'll play online and most likely get even more hooked lol I just never had the desire to play with people

because I have the luck of finding the server with all of the pricks... Oh you suck so bad, NOOB lol when people

realize it's a game, and diffrent people are better at diffrent games ( Like heli sims :D ) then i'll try it.

But my only complaint is ( and Tom should be kicked in the head for this ) you can't see your gun! man I hate that,

you're team has been killed because they are too stupid to see the guy 15 yards away, and now it's just you,

and your trusty M-99, you begin to slowly look for your hide, you lay prone with a smile on your face, and a

.50 supprise for anyone you see, as you lay there admiring the beautiful model, the fine lines, and how the

texture fits the model so perfectly, you realize you're daydreaming and the guys are right in front of you...

BANG... Oh well that's life.

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When GR first came out I didn't really think much of it, as I was the kind of gamer who liked to blast something away with uberl337 skilz etc etc. I started playing it more last year after joining my clan (22SAS), although I was mainly a BF2 player. Now I despise BF2 and play GR a lot with clan mates as its gained popularity considerably (although we need to keep practicing...a victory against 9MS still eludes us lol). The main thing about GR that I liked was the tactical mindset, you couldn't run in all guns blazing. The atmosphere is INTENSE at times, especially on big maps like wilderness or swamp, you don't know what the next bush has in store for you. There have been times where I've been creeping about and all of a sudden rounds come in out of no where and I jump out of my seat...never has a game done that too me apart from GR. I'm sure many of you are also familiar with the "o s**t whats that" looking through your scope *BOOM*..."oh...that'll be a bush then" lol. As Dai San said, it makes you feel like YOU are there instead of Mitchell and his undead team mates.

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I love GR, I still believe it’s one of the most realistic and rare games out there. You get shot in the leg, you can’t move as fast, shot in the arm you can’t get your aim on a target as fast, shot in the head your dead, and maybe you can take one in the chest, but usually just one or 2. Hell the new vests we use in the US are made to take 3 AK rounds or more before going through. Also camo, GR is amazing because it’s so hard to see the enemy some times, because of the terrain and the enemies camo. How the enemy react to you isn’t too bad either, they try to move to cover, get down, etc, without a doubt it isn’t perfect, sometimes you can shoot a guy and his buddy right by him won’t even notice, but all in all for when it was made it’s pretty amazing. There are many little things in the game that make it rare and just a great game and I haven’t seen a game yet that matches it. I’ll be playing it long after it’s a classic I’m sure. And to all you Modders, I know you get a lot of crap and what not, but you all do an amazing job and I just want to say thank you, and you do something I’d just get upset with and end up throwing my computer out a window about. I hope GR mods keep coming out for a long time!


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I would say:





I highly enjoyed the feeling of sneaking around the bushes or corners, trying to get a visual of the enemy before they notice you. To get the upper hand so to say.

The moments, when the combat hasn't yet begun, and you think through the tactics and issue orders to your men.

The exciting feeling provided by rain, night, fog, swamp terrain, etc.

Subtle things.


The suddenly outbreaking firefights. People taking cover, or boldy atttacking you. Multiple guns going off around you. Being part of it all.

The weapon sounds were nice and it was just a pleasure to fire.


The realism is what really immersed me to the game. As I mentioned earlier as exciting things, the realistic environment, weather, etc. were really important.

I think that the storyline was exciting and pretty realistic, not naive at all. Every mission was believable and added to the immersion. The levels were all different, pretty realistic, pieces of art.

The enemy acted very realistically, trying to survive, trying take your life. There was this desperate battle for survival of the fittest in every encounter. There was no free lunches given away, no mercy. Just cold bullets through your head, if you didn't act, and do so as quickly as you can.

The ballistics adn damage system was so realistic, that in battle, you couldn't just stand there bored, spreading away some serial fire. You really had to get some extra adrenalin out from your glands to use cover well, to avoid getting any hits, as a single one could kill you. Just like in real life.

I highly liked the voices and voice acting in the game. The one dark, masculine ghost voice, the boyish ghost and the female ghost, the almost drunkard sounding, but authentic russian voice.

The character models and animations were very realistic.


I was longing for some modern military action, and this game really hit the vein. It was the perfect game for me. It still is, it could just use some technology updating (graphics, physics etc, not space suits for gods sakes) and new missions.

I can't play this new graw. It's just a different game. I long to the forest, with the original gr gear and gameplay.

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now to be honest i played in several german clans games of the "DELTA FORCE" series, mainly DF2 which we tried to play tactically TvT.

then there was the "Rainbow Six" series which we played occasionally, somewhat totally different, and i didn`t like it very much because it was mainly CQB.I sure liked the other aspects of R6, but can`t stand indoor missions only.

so basically i was looking for a game with the options of R6, but with outdoor infantry ops, and one day i read about a game called GR-got the demo, played it and fell in love at once.

If i was to write down all of the good things about this game, there wouldn`t be enough space here :D

I guess i`m simply addicted to it, and being in a top notch clan it is my (our) game of choice and will be forever...

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A buddy of mine turned me on to it...the realism,action...and best of all the multiplayer..being able to work as a team.....when we were in matches i was the four pack hoe...(where my name comes from ....filthy ho3)......man and when i joined my first clan ,the camaraderie with fellow clanmates is awsome.

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