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1. I will release the Tourney Mod without Missions attached - on the day the Tourney begins you can request the File from either Lightspeed on Xfire (powlighty) or from Rocky on...... We will give you the File which you will place in the GhostRecon/Mods/BehindEnemyLines/Mission folder. You will have a set amount of time to return your result (score) and a replay of the mission (as proof of your result) to either me or Rocky.

NOTE - Once you have placed the File in the Mission Folder you should test that it runs by launching into a game. Leave the game immediately after a successful launch and confirm that it works with whoever gave you the file - Rocky or Lightspeed. The clock starts from that confirmation.

2. The next Mission will be released after you hand the first result in, or you can request the Next Mission the following day within the allotted release time which will be given in GMT time. Regardless of the time you obtain the Mission, your name will be recorded, and you must return a score within the Time Limit given or receive '0' points for that Mission. If you miss the Mission Availability time you may not get the Mission - talk to Lightspeed about a waiver if you feel you have a valid excuse.

3. Although I can't stop players from looking at IGOR, I would ask players to do the right thing and NOT cheat.

4. There are Primary and Secondary Objectives for each Mission - how many of those you complete will determine your score.

5. Respawns are OFF. Threat Indicator is OFF. RETICULE is set to OFF. Dead bodies should be left ON for realism. Set Timer to 60 minutes.

6. You can only play the Mission through MP - create your own Server, set the required Options (listed in Rule 5.)and select the Map. You do not need to choose a Soldier as the kit will be chosen for you when you launch the game.

7. Your Replay requires a name - Test it before you start the Tourney - it must have your Tournament Name and Mission Number, example -


8. You must use your Tournament Name ingame - I will check it on your replays.


1. You are a Lone Pilot trying to reach Extraction and complete added Objectives on the way for extra points. If you engage an Enemy, you SHOULD relocate quickly or OPFOR will move into your position ready for combat.

2. You will start out with a pistol only - you can and will be required to find new weapons on the way to complete Objectives, and to improve your chances of survival. You can still complete Missions without the extra weapons, however, you will be missing out valuable points gained by completing Secondary Objectives.

3. (On some of these Missions, it will be extremely difficult to complete all Objectives. I designed it this way on purpose. You will need to be patient, and you'll definitely need some luck at times. But this Tournament has to be hard to find our true Champion).

4. Take your time in the Mission. Do not engage unless necessary - choose your moments to engage, and look at your escape routes in case you come under attack.

5. Gaining points for completing some Objectives is better then receiving no points for a Mission. If you think you will struggle to complete all Objectives in the time required to return a result, then sacrifice some Secondary Objectives and Extract.

6. You can always redo a Mission if you have time spare, and try to improve on your previous Score.

7. Bushes and shrubs (for the less experienced players) provide excellent cover. Stay crouched or prone in them, and unless the OPFOR comes very close or you move around too much - you should keep stealth. Trees provide a lower level of cover.

5. At the end of each Mission you will be given a score in this format: 'Well done, your Code is "Fireball" = 50 points.' 'Remember your score and report to Lightspeed'.

***** Make sure you record this Code and Points, then submit them to me or an official with your replay. No Code, No Points. *****

6. You will get a Brief at the start of each Mission for extra hints - bare in mind - it will be Brief.

Good Luck Everyone,

I have put this together for some good, clean entertainment and a chance to show how good you are as a Ghost,

I hope it all works well,


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