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The time has come for Me to notify the Community that We as a Team - SOTO - Are no longer Operational.

We have gone into Hibernation and may return to the Community in the future but that is still up in the air as of right now. That said, I've been picked up by a Game Company as an Employee, and so It has come to pass that it is time for Old Mac to hang up the Guns, and move on...

I would just like to say I will miss You all - Old and New - And I also hope that You find what You seek in any endeavours You undertake.

It has been a great 10 Years, but alas everything must come to an end. Take care everyone, and I hope to catch You all on the flipside...

Keep Your Powder Dry...

P.S. Inbox now empty enough to accept Incoming PMs (Ooops - My bad).


Sincerely and Respectfully,

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Your PM box was full Mac so I could not get my reply through to you, I mailed a copy, but I will publically also say my thanks to you for all your work at GR.net over the years.

Back in the day (did I really say that?) you were one of the staff members in with the concrete foundations at GR.net and the RECON section here contains no less than seven reports penned by you. And of course there was the awesome SOTO Plaster mod too.

Good luck with your new endeavours, and as I said earlier, you'll always be welcome back.

Edit, your email box is bouncing emails back too, lemme know where I can send my message to Mac, tx.

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You can always post here right Mac?

I've got SOTO Plaster. I remember you modding from the OLD GR.net site, and I think we bumped into each other online on one of the servers...I forgot which one.

Anyway, good luck in the industry. Build us some kick-ass games.

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