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Camo patterns by Stalker, etc

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All - I am making some new attachments and I'd like to make my own camo textures. I've tried my hand at making them via the VDL filter within PS, but results have been sketchy at best. Can anyone provide any tips? Thanks :thumbsup:

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First of all get some good ref. pics, both swatches and the uniform in use to help get an idea of scale.

Create the basic pattern (just a small section that can be repeated) with the basic painting tools (do this to a very large scale and reduce it later). Once the basic pattern is okay, simply copy and paste to create the repeating pattern. As you copy and paste remember to blur the edges to remove harsh lines. Keep doing this, playing with the overall size until it fits the basic RSB skin file. Save this file for later use.

Now increase the colour intensity/contrast of the camo pattern -you may also want to use the filter tool to adda suitable fabric texture at this point. Overlay the camo pattern with the wrinkles rsb file (I use the redeye tool to paint the wrinkles in the base colour of the camo pattern, if you leave the wrinkles on a plain white background, it can fade the camo too much.) Also increase the colour intensity/contrast of the wrinkles and then use the layer tool to mix the two images -you should end up with a rather bright and lurid uniform but with clear wrinkles pockets etc. Now flatten the image and tone back the colours to the original colours. The reason for the increased intensity/contrast is that you will get a far more defined camo/wrinkles effect (adding the wrinkles layer can really deplete the intensity/contrast of the camo layer below it).

Hope this helps -if you want anything clarifying, let me know.



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@WD:he asked a tip.

If you dont use a tablet,follow Callmehobbes tips,wich is more interesting than VDL or Tele Tubbies Pack :D

**Thanks for the replies. How about a more detailed pattern (i.e. the Police pattern in the skinning section)? Was that done via cloning a photo, or actually creating the pattern?**

I dont see what you mean,post a pic or a link and we/I 'll try to help you.

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Here's the pic I'm referring to:


I am making several Afghan army .chrs and found a good reference image of the Afghan army uniform:


@ eÅ kwaad - on your .chr models, what is your method for making the webbing on the backpacks? I tried to add noise and blur, and even the texture filter, but it just doesn't look right? Any tips?

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If you need more details or help i'm here :)

Awesome, and thanks for the tip!! :D Just curious, was the texture you referenced one you designed or a preset in PS? I've been toying around with both just to see what works. Another question for you (I'm picking your brain now), when you set out to design a vest for example, where do you begin? For instance, do you just drawing within PS by referencing images, or do you import the image in?

I ask because I am working on the following:


My 3DSM chr looks fine, its just the skinning that's holding me back. I see the detail in your work and wonder how you go about starting something like this.

Glad you're back :thumbsup:

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The texture was a swatch camo (portuguese lizard) wich loop very well.Remember my PM ;)

for the vest it's handpainted...I start the shape to see if the position is good in 3ds,and when it's fine...i paint wrinkles,add details with 1 or 2 pixel brush and i use pattern for fabric details...you can add subtle dirt effects too.

when all is done you can add a layer to simulate skylight (optional):

create a new layer in "overlay" or other light mode,with low opacity (10% less or more)

use the gradient tool with a white/blue (woodland) or white/yellow (desert).

This will give you something less flat.


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The picture is from Centcom mod(AK47 vest).

Ah, I still have not downloaded the mod yet; I have dial-up w00t Another one for you (pardon all the newbe questions) - how did you get the outline of the vest almost perfect? Do you use a wacom?

I'm redoing my CIA chrs, and want to incorporate stuff we've discussed (AK47 vest, shemagh, etc).

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Arf,no noob or master...dont hesitate i'm not always here :)

About your question,i use a wacom but all this tips are possible with the mouse.

The vest was done with the mouse and painted with the wacom...the outline is a shadow,usually i use one to detach each elements (vest,body armor,etc...)and one to simulate drop shadows (first black circle at the bottom,in the layer panel).

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Does this mean your Afghan SF mod is being revived? Excellent news -I was really looking forward to it.

I hope so. It's really been eating at me since I've yet to finish it. I'm definetly going to take a shot at completing it though :thumbsup:

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