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Need One or Two Map Tester(s)


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I need a map tester for 'Close Quarters'. I have tested every inch of this map, and it works great for me, I just need one or two more people to try it out...If it works fine, then it will be final release...Also, the areas appear on your mini-map for testing purposes only. They will be removed once all testing is finished.

Click HERE to download it.


Tried it out Bro,

Didn't have alot of action. could use a bunker or two scattered around maybe some panhards, a tank or two and or a chopper. Has potential

Cisco kid<><

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Make sure you render this with lighting effects to get rid of the checkerboard stuff (you probably already know that). I like the fact that you have a desert look and a set of building in the distance. Reminds me of the Chemical Facility type of map I recall in Island Thunder a bit. Since I started to review it on my own it is hard in that I find it best to use a sniper rifle and pick people off in the distance which defeats the name of the map (close quarters, lol). On my own I could not get too far in the few minutes I had to run through it. If given more time I could probably get further.

Add some trees in the gound for the enemy to spawn from because as I reached the areas you have marked they popped out of thin air. Proper AI spawn ediquite is to spawn them from around a corner or a tree area unscene then move them to a waypoint.

Add some vehicles and sandstorms in some locations and you may have yourself a nice map. To mimic a sandstorm add the cloud prop then change the Z coordinate in the world file to a lower value until you have something that makes sense. My AW04 Ghost Town map (in the adversial downloads) has the sand storm that I am talking about. Let me know when you have this map rendered and want another look. For some strange reason I am thinking those brick-like buildings you have for cover are not part of the setlist for the theme you chose to use. Meaning you may have to pick another item to use for those.

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Thanks for the replies, as you notice this is only my second map I have ever made in this game, and I'm learning as i make them (thanks to all of the help/tips from all of you on this site :D).

In the next version of this map (Close Quarters 2, lol)...It will have a ton of new things :)...this one was just my first desert-type map, and it had so many problems that I fixed, but once I fixed them I did add new things :). 'Close Quarters 2' will be released in 1-2 weeks.

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