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World of Warcraft

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My girlfriend bought me this game for x-mas and im just starting to try it out and man is it addictive lol. I was curious if anyone here plays this? My Info:

Realm: Boulderfist (PvP)

Race: Horde

Type: Hunter

Accnt Name: ShadowSpyder

I know there are tons of different realms and for different things, (PvE, PvP, and RPG) but im hoping by chance that someone might be on the same realm and also on Horde. Maybe :hmm:

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I would try it if it wasn't so damn expensive!

How much is it? 12£ a month?

7 000 000 000 users x all that money every month = greedy ######.

But seriously, I would like to try it out :)

It is pretty damn expensive, and I thought it was justified by them havign to have LOTS of GOOD servers for so many people... but what U said makes me change my opinion. If thousands or even millions of people are online playing this, all paying for it, then they should deffinitly be making plenty of money for the servers plus a good bit of pocket change.

Anywayz, it is pretty damn fun for me so far, but like LightSpeed said, it could end up getting old, i've only had it for a few days so im still brand new to it and am quite addicted. I guess it also depends on if you really like this kind of game or not. There is about to be an expansion pack coming out called The Burning Crusade in Early-Mid january(i forget the exact date). It adds 2 new races, a whole new "land" or "world" whatever it is, new skillz, items, ect ect ect. You can download it for free off blizzards site and I think you get like a 10 or 14 day trial, so I'd say try it out, if you think you can keep playing and pay for it, then do so. Game itself is pretty cheap to buy... only like $20 USD at BestBuy.

LightSpeed- Only thing bad about trading this in for ArmA is that from wat i've heard, you need a real kick-ass PC to run ArmA. This game runs nicely on my PoS AMD 1.8 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB, with DSL 7mb/s internet. Dunno how well or even IF ArmA would run on my PC lol.

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Good news for anyone want to try out "World of Warcraft". Blizzard has a 10-day-trial event.

Go to World of Warcraft to find out and try.

I've already try it. And WoW is really addictive as Spyder said ... :D kekeke

Here is my WoW info :

Realm : Dath'Remar

Race : Night Elf

Class : Hunter

Char name : Flyingsnow

Happy to see and play with others


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