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I just get back from vacation and (finally) dl CENTCOM...

I tried only 2 missions and sneak around the maps w MHX on recruit...

Just to check the maps for about 20mins..

Everything is great so far! :clapping:

I reallyreallyreally like it...

Maps are beautiful... skins too...except maybe for the sound..its not equal quality...but stiil good.

Great stuff...Knowing how many hours of hard labour is behind a production like this..

Well Hats off. :thumbsup:

And Thank You.

Gon try to find a server..seeya!

***Havent check the credits but...Who did the ''vulture'' birds or eagles circling in the sky on CLIFFS Map?

..so cool! :lol:

Nvr seen this before...Was it on IT or DS?


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There was a flock of birds on the DS Riverbed map? Yet it was pretty simple,just fly around the edge of the playable map...I don't know who added the birds though...

I just walked through invincible, no birds to report circling around, just my melon picker....

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Really Sorry...MY BAD. :wacko:

Its on MINES Map.

And its not the bunch from Riverbed Map..

They are circling in the sky just like birds pf prey or eagles...

You know ..when they spot small animals (or a dead body on the ground...!)

No Teammates down in the area when i was recording though :P )

Cool ones anyway...


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You keep looking up at the sky like that, the vultures will have YOU for lunch :lol:

But seriously, I took a photo of some vulture and made a dynamic map object built into the Map.

If there are any birdwatchers out there you can take a pair of binos and tell me what's the species, because I can't remember myself :rolleyes:

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I've tried them all and in most cases I find the default GR sound is much better.

Do you like the default M-4 silenced sound better? I find the default M-4 sounds are much too quiet. The new silenced M-4 sounds are much more realistic. I also really like the new 5.56 x 45 machine gun sounds.

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i just want to thank everyone involved in making Centcom.

you guys has done a great job :thumbsup:

so nice with new maps and the great skins.

cheers guys!

Second that :wub:

I've only had time to play mission 1 so far, but I've jumped into a couple of the other maps and they look *beautiful*. Truly, this is the GR2 or 3 we were waiting for but never got. Thanks to all who've done such a lot of work here!!

Just one qu... is it possible to select the Special Forces skins to use in SP missions? That's one of the things I like about DTD's No Easy Day - you can go in with a team of really hairy-@ssed SF operators, blending with the locals a bit...

Well done all...


PS: love the parachute flare kit - been wanting to play with one of those for a while now :devil:

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Ok, thank´s. Tried it 6 times and then it runs.

But :blush: new Prob in Mission 6.

Arrived with Taliban Leader and Team after completing all jobs at the E-Zone and ....right, nothing happens!

I'm having the same problem with mission 6, it says all objectives completed, everybody is at the extraction point but the game won't end???

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been experiencing a bug in mission 11 in regards to saved files.

I have tried to load a saved game after I have been caught by the alarm and all I get is a black screen.

Just FYI

Same here. None of the saved files I've tried to load will work. Instead of black screen I'm getting CTD.

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Finished CENTCOM last night and have to say it falls right in line with Frostbite and Year Of The Monkey as an unofficial expansion pack. :notworthy: A big thanks to all involved as you've added another great mod to one of the greatest games of all time. :thumbsup: Hope some of the great mission modders here will give us a few more campaigns to enjoy on these maps. :)

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Mission 11 & 12 are mine. Happy to help in any way i can.

Mission 11 is an Elite Recon Mission with no save game availability, sry! I want it that way. :P Sure you will find the way.



Yeah..I did. Its called autowin. I dont have the patience that I used to have anymore :P

The map is too large and things are too spread out for me to want to restart everytime I get caught by the alarm.

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