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The GRAW Soundpack

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Preciate the effort, but anybody with audacity and GRAW installed could've made that.

Are those files available in mp3 format in the GRAW folder? Regardless, this pack was one of a series of media files released by GRIN for the use of the GRAW community, that's all :)

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The music volume slider was one of the first advanced options edited (disabled) when GRAW was originally installed in May, so I have no idea what it sounds like. Been saving it (music) for a rainy day but it would seem that it does not rain in theater. :sweating:

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Yeah, even better, in complete song, lossless WAV format. That's how I have the GRAW Menu Theme on my iPod and enjoy every moment of it. So damn epic.

If SOMEBODY found out/told me which one of the files the one with the Soprano/Alto singing was, I'd hug them (glares at GRIN).

It's not in lossless wav format in the game - it's ADPCM compressed waves, which are far from lossless. Wav is not necessarily a lossless media type, so in this case the 192kbps mp3's in the webkit are in better quality than you can find the music in the game. Same goes for the sound effects. The music is also looped to fit on a website.

I doubt that the skills needed to extract the sound from the game and edit it to make it loop seamlessly, and the urge to make a website, are often contained in a single person - so I put up "the effort", that you apparently sarcastically appreciated, for anyone with lacking mod/sound editing skills who still wants to make a website with music on it. In other words, it's not for people's Ipods, and yeah, if you want the whole song on the Ipod it's better to extract the music from the game. Once again though, the wavs in the game are far from lossless.

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oh dude.

I am so sorry. I didn't mean to be a total jackass. D=

Now. Could you PLEEEEZEZEZEZE tell me which one of the files is the one with the soprano singing? (GRAW Music Loop 1)

That piece of music isn't any longer than the part that's in the webkit, although in the webkit I let the song loop on the final beat. It's not used anywhere in the game but maybe in the ending credits. If so, it's in the "menu_music_wave.bank" file.

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It's not menu_music_wave.bank, it isn't main_theme either. And as far as I can tell it isn't any of the act01 or act02 music things either.

D= I've been looking for that one song SO LONG ever since I heard it during the MTV VMA awards Best Music Score award nomination thing.

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