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how do you record internet radio?

Cpl Ledanek

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k, finally discovered that iTunes Player has Internet Radio...don't laugh. :angry:

found a Hawaiian radiostation, and being its 20 degrees in Chicago, some Hawaiian songs should warm things up. Plus working in a windowless work area may add to the ambience also.

at least a recording of 12 hrs would do fine. :thumbsup:

Now is there a way for me to record the radio on my laptop so I can play it later at work?

I heard of podcast, but my Ipod doesn't work anymore. Possible battery issue, would not recharge anymore.

I heard its expensive to get a replacement battery?

Any free programs that I should d/l is always welcome.

got audicity btw. :shifty:

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There are probably several ways, but the one I use when I want to capture a stream is:

  1. Double click the volume icon in the tool tray
  2. Options -> Properties -> Recording -> Ok
  3. Select Wave via the checkbox below it
  4. Start up sound recording program
  5. Start Radio
  6. Hit record in audio program. Note that this will need a very large amount of disk space, as it's capturing a wave format, uncompressed, most of the time
  7. When done, stop recording, stop Radio, and output your recorded file to the format of your choice

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Murphy's Law: of course its never easy in my case, I got this problem now. I guess I have to look for my cd-rom...again.

I removed my Audigy ZS from this pc and removed the Creative drivers. Maybe thats why the volume icon cannot be place on my taskbar. :wall:

Update: inserted my XP CD-ROM installed components> checked "Accessories"....restarted. Fixed. :thumbsup:

just have to figure out the recording time...

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