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Winners for the Humourous Awards, 2005


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Better late than never is a good motto. The 2005 awards were done a year late, but still a valued recognition. :clapping:

To those of you who are listed below, congratulations on winning in the GR.net 2005 Forum Awards. :thumbsup: Feel free to take the url of the image and place it in your signature as you would a normal image. To those who have not won, better luck in the 2006 Forum Awards.

Please do not use the prizes if they do not belong to you. :nono:

These categories are all for fun. No one should feel offended if they won. :D

Most likely to be in the top 10 posters each day - Rocky


Most likely to spam - prozac360


Most likely to be banned - Ruggbutt


Most likely to break their PC out of anger - Foxtrot360 (formerly Fragbox)


Most likely to change their sig daily - Avey


Most pointless thread - Evolution sucks! Why?

Most humorous poster - cpl ledanek


Best use of smilies - ZJJ


Best Name - Bigolbrain


Best Avatar - Avey


Best Sig - Wytchdokta


Most addicted gamer (all games) - Tinker AND ROCO*AFZ*


Poster who needs a life outside of the forums and GR - Rocky


Poster with most typos - nuttyknatty


Most needy poster (asks a lot of questions, needs help) - nuttyknatty


Most childish - sup


Most likely to be arrested - the.ronin


Most Repetitive poster (ex. posting a joke that was just told last week) - Wytchdokta


Most Obsessed with the Opposite Sex (to include stalkers) - cpl ledanek

ObsLadies05.png and/or ObsLaddies05.png

Who knows with the cpl. :D

Sexiest member - ZJJ


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Firstly, thank you all who voted for me in the 2005 awards!

Typically, seeing as I won the "most questions" award, a question.

How do I go setting up the award buttons so that they show up with my sig? Please bear in mind, that although I've been using a pc for the last 6 years, I am pretty it illiterate (if that's possible) so any instructions need to be written as if you're talking to a 5 year old.

Actually, a 5 year old probably is pretty au fait with IT, so scratch that. Just imagine that I've never seen a pc before and you'll get the idea!

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It is done through the control panel.

Go to my controls, select edit signature, add in image link to your sig and update.

However, with your permission, I can do it for you.

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