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I spent a day on the "Farm" this past weekend, but this whole GRAW 2 release just makes me want to wander off into the "Wilderness". I for one if asked my opinion would gladly vote at the "polling Center" after all my vote is worth a "MINT". But I feel as though I am a lost sheep at the "Market". In my solitude on this "island" I hear the thunder and run scared into a maze of sugar cane. I start to build a "village" but soon the heathens and pagans seek not to "console" me in my loss, but seek to confuse me with their dillusion of retail electronics, They chase and rip at me with claws of mediocracy. I have seen the sub 100IQ'ers and the great prophesy has been shown to be true "95% of all people are to stupid to own a DUAL core CPU and a GPU and an EIEIO with 4 gigs of ram". They chase me from my refuge, built from many hours of online play, they say go to the modders of the east or the campaigners of the west. They have sought to destroy my soul- they confuse and confound me and I disconnect and then reconnect, get disconnected and reconnect and get disconnected and then my logon failes. After many days, and many reconnects to I seek out the great oracle of Gamespy, connect and get disconnected and then reconnect and my logon once again fails. I then remember the god of my early days the "ALL SEEING EYE" but upon reaching the very doors of [GR] heaven find few that hold true to "De Oppresso Liber". Resolute in my quest I set off and finally cross the Rubicon on an old "bridge". And end up in the hands of the enemy a people that play games of magic and charms, I frag everyone of the SOB's and then say WoW! Peace out! I am left alone last of the WWW in a choice of a graw hell, or solitary confinement in a "prison camp" of indecision to take off and buy GRAW2 or land at a friendly "air base". I think that I must retire from this "battlefield" of thought and judgment. My nights are spent in a battle of holding the "Fort" of conscious decision or of blazing a trail akin to an "Aztec" warrior defending Mexico from Ageia Amazons invading from the "river". The river when reached is but a "creek bed" adjoined to a "swamp" made putrid by smell by the decaying carcasses of many dead PC gamers. This green haze fogged by the hell made true by a "Hunting Lodge". The hunters of profit, known as UBI, pollute and despise. I would rather melt in the heat of a besieged desert breathing air filled with the acrid smoke of “Industry†in hopes of reaching an “embassy†set in place and for the purpose to rescue me from this desolation of non matched nights.

I "SA-y 80" the purest of all forms of GR killing -but alas I will camp on this "mountain" and listen to voices in the wind that are solemn and eloquent. The sounds are familiar and replete with the love that is [GR] and PC gaming.

PS: I told you so!


PS: 'beonder13'---me and you at training center, you can take anything in [GR] all I will take is a sidearm! GH and GL. :wall

UBI and GRIN I gave you a great gaming model for peer to server intra-clan and server to server inter-clan matching just spend the $’s and chuck UDP and the many to one model and give us a matching model. You can build a 21st century PC/Server side application, Clan 1 joins their server, the server verifies the machines in regards to genuine files. Clan 1’s server then sends verification to Clan 2’s server. Both servers are verified by a definition source be it a UBI or who cares where, daily weekly or defined by the ladder on a scheduled basis. NO more cheating everything is verified!! Prior to match play. Yes the clan that spends together wins together, but that is our concern. Server to server state of game absolves you of UDP. Lagged packets are handled at the CLAN server level, and if the clan lags they get killed-their problem for not spending the money to take care of business. A dual NIC’ed machine would have the clan hosted on one IP segment and the FULL MTU would be available on the second NIC for inter-clan communication. It is a freaking proxy!

It is 2007 and UDP is forgiving, but people that match show the money all the time-

lets get on with the show-

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