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Counting the dead


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I've noticed that when a panhard with 6 people (2 crew, 4 passenger) is blown up before anyone can get out that the number of dead is fewer than if the individuals had exited the vehicle. This makes me wonder about how things are actually counted, and how they work in respect with the tag shown below.

<gametype_info name="enemies_to_kill" value="66"/>

Using the code above, for example, lets say that 60 people have been killed in the game, and all that are left is the panhard crew and passengers. If I blowup the panhard with everyone in it I won't get the count of six. Instead I get either one or two. (can't remember, but I think it was one). If this is the case the game will not end because it is looking for five more to die, and the players are left roaming the map for non-existing AI. Could this be the reason we have found some maps not ending as they should?

In the map I have been working on (the map from hell) it ends before it should because my count is set too low, and the other enemies have not spawned yet due to an area not being crossed. But if I were to set the count, what would I set it to? Six for a full panhard, or one? If I set it to one then the game would end earlier if the AI of the panhard are killed individually?

Confused? So am I. There needs to be a consistency in this area to make it work right.

Am I completely off base here, or does anyone else see this too?

Rav :zorro:

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I've always wondered this myself, but your best bet would be to skip out on the panhards and the likes in the count. That or someone could do a little more testing with to see how many they count for. I could try it, but give me a little time since it's been busy around the Nutlink household...

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It is easy enough to test Rav.

Make a small Test Map with one Panhard and crew and passengers.

In the script set the number of enemies to kill to nul (" ")

Then blow it up in game.

The number that appears on the Post Combat Screen is the value.

It is my understanding that the 'crew' is counted but the passengers are not.

So this will be a problem in your missions.

Speaking for myself, I design my missions with the objectives being the goal, and not how many OPFOR get killed so it doesn't matter. You kill as many as you have to, to achieve the objectives! Ergo, I set the value in the script to nul " ").

This has the advantage of adding a new dimension to the mission in that one group of human players may take out 10 - 12 OPFOR to obtain the Objectives. Where as, another team of players, that use more stealth and tactics, may complete the Objectives with as few as 6 or 7 OPFOR KIA. Just one more level of braggin rights!

This technic of mission design also makes your job easier. It means your missions will appeal to both common styles of game play. Those that keep one eye on their mag and the other on thier 'Kill-Score' can play "Hunter-Killer" and try to get all the OPFOR before completing the Objectives. The other group of players that enjoy a more stealthy game can aim for as few kills as possible. Either way, you as a scripter win, and your missions are twice as popular.

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