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Ghost Recon Redux


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Has anyone considered a Ghost Recon Redux; a Mod that's more of an update to the original art assets and game features then a mod or total conversion per se?

Considering the utterly fantastic quality of some [GR] Mods it seems a MOTS (Mods Off-The-Shelf) approach could be used if the permission of the original Mod Developers, or Asset Artists were forthcomming.

What I envision as practical (but perhaps it isn't so) is a Mod that updates, adds and/or addresses features like the following, but does not fundamentally change the game:

· high resolution textures

· improved AI based on some of the AI mods

· correct current day weapons

· slightly updated missions

· perhaps some cleaned up UI and HUD assets

· add polished gird maps

· fix high port weapon animations

· current day uniforms

· correct scope and NVG masks

An [GR] Redux Mod could implement modular approach to feature additions or updates that were controversial so those features could be enabled/disabled so the Mod could satisfy the broadest audience. For example the core Mod might have the design goal to change nothing as far as core game feature assets and only update, correct and improve the quality of existing art assets (where possible) keeping the Cold War theme -- a Mod addition could option updating and correcting features of questionable realism, correctness, or fulfill the 'what if this game were remade today' question giving the project a 'current day' setting option...

There's probably enough art assets in the wild to give such a project a nice start, original Authors/Artists willing, but there's also almost certainly a lot of gaps and holes that would require such a mod have some rather enthusiastic, talented and committed contributors, to see something through that in its final form really was an improvmement...

Another tough issue would be picking and choosing assets for continuity; one of the things I personally love about vanilla [GR] is that there seems to be an almost seamless quality and continuity to the game's art assets; something that I imagine a Redux mod would have to attempt as well to offer any real improvement.

So what do you guys think? Is this practical, and even desirable? Would enough original Asset Artists even go along, and would anyone get excited about or even want such a Mod?


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While YOTM, and I'm sure Centcom as well are very polished mods/total conversions that definitely raise the bar -- but they're not exactly what I had in mind... Even though there are quite a few mods and total conversions that may technically surpass [GR] aesthetically, and for some game-play wise -- there are those of us that for whatever reason still love vanilla [GR] for it's nostalgia, atmosphere, theme, and probably just for the fact it set so many 'firsts'...

There already are some impressive retextured [GR] maps, models, AI mods, mission designs, and of course weapons that show us just how far talented Mod asset Artists can tale [GR]...

Don't misunderstand me, I'm thrilled that there are real SOTA mods/total conversions like YOTM, and there's still mods like Centcom to look forward to! In fact they are like the Ghost Recon 2 and 3 that never came... But these are really more like fine expansions or sequels to [GR], not replacements or an update to it. The idear here was to update good old [GR] itself, to make a sort of tribute to it -- if there was anyone so inclined -- rather like some game Developers or Fans do when old content is ported and updated to a new engine the next version of a game comes out on...

I guess on some level it's really not necessary, and maybe not even desireable as a big part of [GR]'s charm is steeped in it's original art assets; but I just can't help wonder what a face-lift to the original game content could do if all done together... The amazing thing is any [GR] Fan, with almost zero talent can already do this to a limited extent just by installing and activating compatible mods, so you can get a pretty good idea what it would be like!

And hey, thanks Dannik for fixing my goofed up post placement!


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Mmmm, in this case would be necessary to have a new game engine, as GR's has big limitations ?

RabidLockerGnome is working on something like that with a big group i think, the project is called "Open Recon", with a new engine, high detailed models and textures, etc ...

You can check it here. The project has a new link, in this thread you can get it, if you want.


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I reckon [GR] - or is it TCGR ? :devil: - just rolls on and on. As far as I can see, there's no end in sight to the great mods - and if there is, I'll just carry on perfectionisting by myself... :devil: again.

BUT my main fear is that we'll lose the ability to run it properly as the graphics cards upgrade on new generations of PCs. My Radeon card won't work at all with some of the DTD No Easy Day maps, for instance, and it does some pretty strange things to the fog on the Frostbite Ship map too. Not unplayable by any means - just strange.

Or will we all end up running deliberately downgraded rigs to make sure we get our fixes?


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The only way this is likely to happen, is if RSE released the source code. In fact there was a petition with a thousand or so signatures asking for that very thing. Nothing came of it, they'll never release the code, and the items listed for improvement would require code changes.

You would have to get an open source engine and code the thing up from scratch. Which would be years of work, if you could find a good team willing to do it.

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Yes the petition was by me!

A update of existing models and textures is a damn good idea, I mean I myself have been pushing the limits, GRs Standard Vehicles for example where 8000 polys max (IT Blackhawk was about that with pilot + 2 gunners) and the texture res was 512x512.

Ive just completed a new blackhawk (watch this space) plus a pair of humvees with a texture res of 2048x2048 and a poly count of 10k plus. These all run fine, but I havent been wasteful with polys or texture space, every inch is used and every poly considered. And they look damn beautiful in game. And it doesnt effect resources as in 2000 when GR came out the Game Req where like 450mhz with 128mb ram and a 16meg graphics card, now days people are running 3ghz + systems, couple gigs of Ram and Dual 512 Graphics cards. Theres no need for all this low res stuff anymore.

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