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After it's released, when will you be buying GRAW2?

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I'll buy it as soon as the bungling blue bunghole logo of UbiShaft comes off it for good. Otherwise, I'll d/l the demo, whine about it without cease, and maybe consider getting the game if it's THAT much of a departure from Ubi's current trend of jacking-up all the Tom Clancy titles.

As the latter IS totally impossible, it's HIGHLY doubtful you'll see this game installed on anything I own.

My participation in THIS forum is entirely for the benefit (I hope) of you fellow enthusiasts out there who can still stand UbiShaft's evil emperor impression...

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Ill download both PC and 360 demos and decide if either are good enough to buy....but they just released PC version of Vegas, and just like Double Agent, and GRAW people are complaining up and down the walls about it crashing and stuff not working.

so as the magic 8 ball says "outlook not so good"

this game has so much potential to kick ass so I'm hoping and praying UBI and GRIN have been listening to our contless gripes over the past 6 months and get this one right. Lets hope its the start of putting video games back to being right.

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It is logical that the game will be using the same engine and gameplay, hence being no different from GRAW 1. Of course there will be some new maps and probably a new mode apart from single player, but it won't be anything that we haven't seen before. I'll have to wait on a demo before slipping a $50 bill out of my wallet that could very well be spent on a future game like, Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars.

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