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Tint on goggles

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It really depends on which photoshop type prog you use (some lower budget software won't edit them)

Assuming it is photoshop (and you have the default layout):

Lower right menu/ tool box = layers/ channels/ paths

select channels and this will show 4 rgb type layers and any alpha channels

If viewing an alpha channel (other channels deselected): the black areas will be transparent, the white areas will be opaque and (provided alpha blend is set in the rsb tool/ export set up) anything in between will be differing layers of transparency.

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Well, if the rsb you're editing already has an alpha layer: you can edit this simply by selecting it (helps to deselect other layers). outline the area to be changed (marquee tool/ lasso tool etc) and fill that area.

Black fill = transparent

white fill = not transparent

grey fill = semi transparent


If using semi transparent alpha layers, the alpha settings when you save the file should be set to alpha blend (this is set in a checkbox on the screen that appears when you save an rsb) THe format should be set to A4R4G4B4 here as well.

If your rsb doesn't have an alpha layer:

Use the marquee/ lasso tool etc to out line the area you want to affect on the image you're working on, click on channels and then click on the 2nd icon on the bottom (circle inside a square) this should create the alpha layer.

If black/ white are the wrong way around you can edit this in the properties for the channel (or just undo and select inverse before creating the channel)

Alpha channels though only affect transparency (not colour) so any changes you want to make to that will have to be made to the rgb part of the rsb

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The file you're looking for is Character_Trans.rsb which is in the Character/ Allied file for that mod.

I suggest you leave the mod files alone and make a copy in your own mod file so that any changes you make are non-destructive.

The file will be locked (properties for that file) and will need to be unlocked

Don't bother changing the glasses on the skin for that soldier as the glasses part here only textures the non transparent parts

THe Trans file is all the transparent parts of those characters

If you look at the lenses part of the alpha channel for that image you will see that the lenses are very dark

In alpha layer terms this means almost transparent

by changing these to a lighter shade it will reduce the transparency

Good luck

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