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Im disqualified from military service :(

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Well, as some of you know I've been dealing with the recruiter and MEPS for the past few months. I've been hoping to join the Air National Guard. I admitted on the medical history form to being in counseling - when my parents got divorced ten years ago. MEPS wanted to see my medical records, so I signed a release statement and released them to the recruiter who faxed them to MEPS.

Word came back from MEPS today - I'm permanently disqualified for military service because of adjustment disorder that has been treated with medication. I was never medicated EVER, so I dont understand why that was what disqualified me. I called my mum and she confirmed I was never, ever medicated for any psychiatric or emotional problem. The recruiter is mailing me the records. I'm going to review them (all 50 pages) line-by-line and find out what is says about medication since I was never medicated.

If the records say nothing about medication, I'm going to call the recruiter and ask how I can appeal this. I'd ask for another doctor to review them or if we could do anything else. If things go through after the review and my records have no mention of medication I plan on filing a formal complaint against the doctor that disqualified me.

I don't accept this outcome, I want in and I'll fight my way in if I have to. Anyone have any advice???

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If it doesn't work out, keep your chin up, and find another way to serve. Lots of us are disqualified for one reason or another. I have vertigo. Needless to say, I can't be jumping out of airplanes when I'm already dizzy, hehe. I can't serve in the military, but I can find other ways to serve my country, and so can you if things don't work out.

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I just wanted to serve part-time. The benefits were absolutely amazing - but I would have actually liked to deploy to a natural disaster area to help out, or I would have liked to go to Afghanistan to help get some Taliban..

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Ladies? I only have one lady now ;)

Ive actually been dating the same woman for over a year now.

Ah, would that explain the desire for the all expenses paid trip to Afghanistan (courtesy of Uncle Sam)? Or is it simply preparation for the situations you may encounter? :P

Seriously though dude, good luck and all, from my experience recruiters tend not to let eager and enthusiastic candidates get away if they can help it. :thumbsup:

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