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Top 5 PC games for 2006


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What are your picks for top 5 pc games of 2006?

Come to think of it, haven't played any other 2006 released games than GRAW. Guess i'd have to rank it 1st. That doesn't mean i'm happy with what we got. The most recent game i bought befour GRAW was Rainbow Six Raven Shield and the expansion Athena Sword. Befour that, it was [GR] and the expansions.

I've bought some re-released games like Command & Conquer Generals and Delta Force. Then there was HL2 that came with Radeon 9600XT.

Almost forgot. Raven Shield Lockdown. That one I bought on sale as well, cause I had heard it wasnt gonna be a success in MP. So i thought i'd play through the SP campaing. It's on hold for a rainy day :rolleyes:

So, looking back at my game "collection", i've supported UBI. Not much, but no the less.

I don't count in games i've bought befour i started playing online. That is [GR]. Even Doom II doesn't get a say :hmm: That was on a 14400 modem

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5. Dark Messiah Might and Magic

A great SP game, but the MP is lacking big time. The SP is one of the few games out there that does a good job of first person melee. The animations and environments are well done, even if the characters are somewhat shallow and the story flip flops at times. Short, but definitely a good break from the using first person shooter. If not for the bugs and a better MP, this would be rated higher.

4. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Need I say anything at all?

3. Tomb Raider Legends

While the first two TR games were awesome, the later ones started a slippery downhill slope. This game jumps them right back up to the top. The graphics are fantastic and not too demanding for mostly high settings, the audio makes the game feel even better, and the varied levels are wonderful, especially when you get on a motorcycle. One of the best PC games of all time in my book.

2. Hitman Blood Money

Splinter Cell but as an assassin instead of a spy. Tons of different ways to knock people off makes for every level giving a lot of replay and a lot of fun. Downside? SP only.

1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

What can I say? Large world, open ended, tons of variety, nothing ever feels the same. With the mods out there this makes it even better. Toss in the Knights of the Nine expansion and you have yourself a good 6 months of play time (assuming you play 6 hours a day 6 days a week).

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for me(since ofcourse, I would be biased if I said graw, and ofcourse I didnt buy it ;)

I would say Company of heroes and medieval 2:total war would be my top picks of 2006, absolutley fantastic games! ...but that only counts the second half of the year..what was I doing the first half? oh yeah, thats right, crunching to finish graw, hehe ;)

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well I don't do RPS, sports, or Strategy and have no driving tools for racing games, so its FPS. Being of limited budget, limited intelligence, and closed mindedness I'd say - F.E.A.R. Extraction Point, HL2: Ep1, and GR:AW.

I would like to try Hitman: Blood Money and maybe Company of Heroes.

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Sorry, I cant name 5. I'm always asking Crowman, what's a good game at the moment.

I bought BF2:SF earlier in the year to tide me over until GRAW and felt let down.

I bought GRAW and for the most part felt down, but thought the game had potential. Really enjoyed bits of it, but in the and just got too frustrated and havent played it in ages.

My brother bought Lockdown, I watched over his shoulder... er yeah, next! :rofl:

I installed the sniper elite demo :whistle::wall::wall: I got bored after the first 3 shots and uninstalled it. It felt like Toomraider with Max Paine bullet time. (i didnt like either of those games back in the day)

Then around 2-3 weeks ago I was in GAME and saw The Regiment for a tenner. All the reviews i'd seen had slated it, but I took a chance. :D Loved it! Proper British accents rather than the USA idea of British (sorry but nobody i've met sounds like the BF2sf sas guy, exciting and a no messin approach. Yeah it didnt look good, but when you have play like that, who cares??

Wish more people played it and it had mod support like [GR], with expansions etc.

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