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Roxio garbage


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I have been having some trouble playing this game (and any others) on my laptop and discovered that there was a "RxMon.exe" running in the background using 99 percent of my RAM.

So I want to lose the Roxio as I don't use it much on the laptop either. But I don't either want to be stuck with just the Win XP thing.

Can someone recommend a decent shareware app (out of the hundreds) that I can use for burning DATA cd's? If it is decent I don't mind paying so it doesn't have to be free.

I'm on a quest to remove ALL unneeded services and background apps to speed up performance and every little bit does help.



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Ask and ye shall receive

If you just want it in a typical slide show fashion like PowerPoint, try Open Office. I've been using Open Office for years, and back in college it helped a LOT for doing presentations since I could use Impress (equivalent of PowerPoint). OO is basically a lighter, open source free version of Microsoft Office (including word processing, excel sheets, powerpoint presentations, and a few other things I'm forgetting).

EDIT: Master Album Maker expires after 15 days, but the viewer is freeware. Anything that's considered a try album maker would cost money from what I've seen, but there are other programs that you can use creatively to do the same thing.

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Hey thanks for all this info again.

I just discovered that with using WinXP, NO additional software is required.

And unlike Express Burn, after you burn some files into a CD-R and eject it, you can re-insert it and add MORE files until it is full.

And Windows Media player will burn audio CD's. You might have to do some file conversion first, but that isn't hard.

Thanks again.

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