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I think you will benefit a lot from getting more ram. My machine is:

AMD 4400+

ATI 1900xt

2gig ram

I was able to run the game all in very high, except post processing on low, shadows detail on low, and AA disabled. Resolution at 1680x1050. Looks awesome, I can live with a few jaggies until next upgrade :P

I think taking the risk with a download is minimal. At the end of the day, I'm sure BIS will figure out a way should the publisher go down. Also, financially, it is a small risk, ie ~ USD 64 - you can always repurchase the game if you love it. I may buy it again when a US or English version comes out.

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The only dedicated server that I know of so far belongs to http://www.tacticalgamer.com/ so I'd pop over there to find the server details, I've just been messing with the single player and the editor, heaps of fun trying to fly round that island without splatting into a cliff or a tree

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was your cpu 32 or 64 bit whisper?

My Specs..it's a 32

P4 2.26

1024MB RAM


Old machine 4+ years, can't get any more out of it ram wise.. will be adding a RADEON x800 and hope to get a little more out of it.

Zebb, we'll be lookin for you.. :thumbsup:

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Well after allllll these years i finally got to play GRAW. When it came out it wouldnt work on my card. Now i got a new one i tried it and i can't even begin to tell you how much i hate it.

I'm so past GR, now it's been usurped by the money grubbers i doubt it will ever get back home where it belongs in the spirit of R6 and GR1.

So it's AA all the way for me now.

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One question:

Is there a demo/trial version anywhere?

I never buy games straightaway, and getting illegal stuff is not my way either, though if there's no demo I'lls ettle with illegal to try out the game and buy it if it stands my test......

German no problem :rocky:

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no demo yet, though rumor is they are working on both an MP & SP version.

I must have missed something. I thought this game wasn't out until next year. Just got the demo, but nobody seems to be talking about it. The game wasnt listed on amazon.co.uk either. Got "the regiment" for a tenner the other day so been playing that. One server in the whole world :( and now a demo out of the blue that nobody as mentioned much.... Maybe its just cos its Xmas....

Merry Xmas, then. I'll check again next week :thumbsup:

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If you check this thread, you'll note that it's been released (in a downloadable form) in German and Czech, I believe. There's a user made mod that will convert this Euro version to English. From what I understand, you won't be seeing ArmA on store shelves pretty much anywhere, for a long time, if ever. That's part of the story behind why they are selling it online, in a D2D-type system.

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