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Operation Stabilise MOD OUT NOW


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I haven't followed the whole thread but....

any release dates???? :rolleyes:

Not yet.

Mission 5 back from the beta testers and mission 6 on the way to them

Just started scripting mission 7.

10 specialists complete.

All base class and enemy chr's done

Weapons 95% complete

One vcl complete and one 30% done

We should be looking at another month - but don't quote me. ;)

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The MOD will be released as an entire package first.

As far as I know (and I would be the first one to know), AUS_Viper still hasn't changed his mind...

That's correct.

Since this MOD is based on a total conversion package - all will be bundled up together first.

After that, we may release weapon / MP / packs - but only after the initial pack goes public.

We have put too much work into this thing to start releasing snippets. I want to release it as a entire package since it is a story line based campaign. No good spoiling the surprise :rocky:

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Apologies for the lack of updates, but I had some major PC problems. Luckily, the MOD was backed up on CD, so all is well now :)

Latest installment of weapons. The Thai RDG use a Singapore made M16A1 with an ACOG sight, so here's the last of specialist weapons.

Also, I have started scripting mission 7, so the MOD is definitely on the downhill slope now :)




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All I can say is that the weapon is modelled after a picture of an actual weapon...the flat top adapter is probably there to expand the choice of scopes to be mounted. This perticular ACOG scope probably doesn't need it, I agree, but we wanted the weapon to look "customised" to the perticular specialist's needs, rather then to make a factory stock model....

@SC, where were you when I needed you ?;) I thought the A1 version has the advanced iron sights (like the one rendered), and the A2 version has removable carry handle? :blink:

Please enlighten me....

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Ok - thanks for the constructive feedback guys.

With further checking, it was revealed that the model posted previously was indeed the A2. The Singaporeans only ever made the A1, so the above renders have been updated to the M16A1.

I won't post them again - since the previous pics automatically change when I updated my sight.

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Very nice set of weapons going into this mod, great work! Minor details about the M16A1 vs A2: You should the texture of the muzzle to use the old A1 pronged flash hider.

Edited by Earl
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No images to show - just an update. (to prove I haven't dropped off the face of the earth :))

Missions 1 thru to 6 have been tested in campaign mode and all seems fine. Just a few small bugs to iron out.

Scripting of mission 7 is progressing well (predicted to finish this week)

Concept for miss 8 & 9 is drawn up. Only 3 more after that.....or maybe 4 ;)

Black Sabbath has now joined the team - so a new map is in the making (but that's a secret :rocky: ).

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