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Hey guys,

Was experiencing sum right problems last night with GRAW: -

1. Was taking ages to load.

2. From picking my weapons to spawning my game froze for abt 10 secz then finally got in2 the battle, then after that people had 2 keep moving me from teamspeak because my microphone kept going crazy during the freeze so i had 2 keep restarting TS.

3. My frames dropped to about 10 and it was proper crawling! (not me crawling, i was running)

4. My ping was terrible.

The only change I made was to the xml file in the data folder, changing a few things to "true" but i played for a good hour after doing this and it ran sweet as a nut (30-40 frames)

Anyone else's game suck like this last night?

I haven't tried it today though yet as im at work.

Any advice would be great. Cheers.

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I had no problems, was playing for about two hours.

You maybe had a temporary problem with your internet connection. Try PingPlotter to find problems with your connection.

Or maybe you had some other applications in the background disturbing.

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In have no problems in game, but the game took a bit longer to load and on the server I was (BPR) took a bit longer than expected to load maps. But I don't know if the later was due to the server in general or temporary server problems (great games otherwise).

The longer loading time of the game can't be much more than an effect of the patch, but it is really a minor issue.

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Just an update from yesterday when i was moaning about all the lag etc.

Ping is totally back to normal (around 175 on the american BDA server)

Game is running as smooth as ever! good frame rates etc.

No more mic problems as i was getting kicked off TS when i was freezing whilst loading and I had an open mic (but i hadnt)

No more crashes to desktop apart from when i was AFK for about 20 minz then i came back it was closed.

Server ran perfect all night from about 7.45pm - 12.30am when i came off it.

I figured out the problem that was causing all this crap: -


A certain sum1 told a bunch of us with only 1GB of RAM to change all the settings to true! MISTAKE, u needAT LEAST 2GB of RAM for this to make a difference or everything goes 2 pot, just mess with the video settings in game and overclock ur gfx abit. I still get a real good performance from 1GB of RAM only PC2700!

2 sum up, I had some great games last night and everything is fine and dandy. Hopefully due 2 the new patch even though I havent tried shooting a GL yet, im assuming thats fixed right ?

Thanks 4 lisnin.

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