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GRAW patch v135

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well here is the link on file front but it does NOT Work YET boo hoo



it might be up working soon !, so i will keep checking it ;-)

Also it might be on the UBI patch ftp server too the =




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Some info:

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter v1.35

Please note that this patch can be used on both the RETAIL (CD/DVD) version & the DOWNLOADABLE (D2D) version of the game.


* Multiple fixes for the disconnection issues in multiplayer, including increased stability in connection between server-client and server-GameSpy.

* Fixed incorrect game times in [GR] Coop.

* Enabled the creation of multiple objectives and random events in [GR] Coop.

* Fixed the tactical map camera so that it works correct in custom [GR] Coop levels.

* Fixed crash when using grenade launcher with high latency.

* A full server will not accept connections while it's loading the next map.

* Fixed the issue with increasing the number of players on the server run-time.

* Fixed "time not running" when a client is drop-in joining.

* Moved the time-out values to the server settings file.

* Various crash prevention fixes.

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i think the co-opers/modders may just wet themselves on this one. As for us TVT... hey all we ask is it doesn't crash.... now it's time to test it.

AttackforceZ [TDM 1.35] coming up now if you want to test it. Not sure if our stats will work with the new version but your welcome to try it out.

The anticheat is on so if you will get disconnected or altered game files... in the past... if it's not fixed you will get it again.

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I have a squad member who has been disconnected twice tonight from the BPR server on 1.35 - reason "altered game files" and he's only just started playing the game. Believe me he doesn't cheat, so he's unsure what is causing this disconnection, any ideas?

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