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My new monitor (westinghouse LCM-22w2)


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I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone about the new monitor I picked up on black friday. Here is the link for the specs.


This picture of this monitor does it no justice. This 22" monitor looks huge on my desk at work. They had this monitor on special at best buy for $199. This monitor not only has vga and dvi hook ups, but it also has component, s-video, and composite hook ups as well. I downloaded a few HD game trailers, and they look beautiful on this baby. I am just waiting now for the xbox 360 to drop in price a bit then I will be able to game in 720p on this thing. It says it does both 720p and 1080i but I don't know which picture is better.

It was not easy getting by hands on this thing. As you can see on the website it is normally $500 so I saved $300 buying it on Friday. I showed up at best buy at 2 a.m. (doors opened at 5 a.m.) and I was thinking I would be pretty close to the front of the line. I ended up being number 110 in line. I couldn't believe how many people were there at best buy so early in the morning. I guess a lot of the people were there camping for the second shipment of ps3's and a lot of people were there for a $249 laptop. I didn't think I would get the monitor because I was so far back in the line so when they finally let me in the door, the place was just packed and I saw a girl with the monitor I was looking for and asked where she got it and she pointed and said "you better hurry though". So I took off and found about 8 left lying on the floor and people grabbing them up like crazy so I quickly snatched one up. It's amazing how chaotic and crazy Christmas has become. I guess all the trouble was worth it for this beautiful monitor.

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I woke up at 4:00 AM to stand in line to pick up this exact monitor! It's pretty sweet, eh? I've been on cloud nine playing GRAW and Flight Sim X these last few days!

Wow 4 am is not bad. This best buy was insanely busy. Like I said, I got there a little before 2 a.m. and there was already about 100 people in line. It has been pure heaven to go from a 17" lcd monitor to this beautiful thing. $199 is really an amazing deal for this monitor.

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