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GRAW SP Scripting 6


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There is no timer in GR:AW scripting... or is there?

Of course there is. And it easy and works just the same as in GR1 (besides that it's not called timer).

Timer Scripting

All you need is 1 trigger and 2 events.

Or, if want to be able to stop the timer, 2 triggers and 3 events.

Create whatever triggers you want. Their types are not important for the timer function. Just set them to run the start and stop events below.

Create an event that run when the trigger to start the timer is activated.

Add a "TriggerEvent" element that points to the event that should run when the timer runs out.

Set the start_time on the event trigger inside to what you want the timer lenght to be.

<event name="start_timer_30sec">

<element type="TriggerEvent" event="done_timer_30sec" start_time="30.0"/>


Create an event that run when the trigger to prevent the timer from completing is activated.

Add a "BreakEvent" element that can stop the timer set above.

<event name="stop_timer_30sec">

<element type="BreakEvent" event="start_timer_30sec"/>


Create an event that runs when the timer expires.

Add any elements that you want to run after the timer runs out.

<event name="done_timer_30sec">

<element type=".......

<element type=".......


And it's done.

Basicly all you have to do is use the start_time attribute as a timer. ;)

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