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Weapons in GRAW 2  

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All the CRYE images are rendered, I didn`t see any real image (not even a mock weapon) in anywhere, and the same for the caseless ammunition.




Thanks for the images, some real pics at last :thumbsup:

I assume that are publicity images and not real ops tests, because the gun only wear the rear ironsight ( a bit hard to aim, I'm afraid >_< )

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Realism! I hate GR mods that have loads of unrealistic 'über super guns'.

If every specialist only had 3 main (primary) weapons to choose from, I wouldn't mind. The community will come up with complimentary weapons! Offcourse every weapon needs to be adjustable with optics, grip, silencer etc.

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It means that would you have a smaller set, but with as real effects as possible, as opposed to a wide variety with abstract stats. Devs only have so much time, and they try to compromise as best as possible, and this is pretty much the only way.

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Weapons, What do you want included?

How about a towed M119 105mm?

Too much?...OK, how about access to the equipment in the backpacks of downed Ghosts, and a return of the ability to pick-up ammo on the fly.

The games weapon list is fine as-is...just needs tweaking.

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Yeah I missed that too. However in some cases, I'll just drop my current weapon, and use a G36K just to save my own ammo, then pick mine back up, and charlie mike. I mean seriously, there's enough G36s around to throw a rock at :)

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I don't mind seeing the guns y'all listed.

A lot of "blah blah" about realism and such. I don't mind realism but it is a game, come on. If it was truly realistic, everyone would cry about how hard it is becuase you'd actually get killed by the support weapons when you stick your fool head out to snipe him. Or stay hidden and die from the support rounds going through your hiding place. I like the game for game's sake and think it does a good balance of realism v fun.

Weapon variety could be solved with minor tweaks, all we need are the renders. I don't think many are going to gripe about an HK 416 having the same stats as an m16a4 but the way some people whine around here, guess it would not surprise me.

I'd like to see;

-M60 (my 3rd attempt, thank you)

-AK47 or 74 or 101(what they lack in range, the make up for in short range stopping power http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6BpI3xD6h0)

-Uzi (9mm or .45)




-UMP .45

- Any shotgun

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My vote is obviously for both. But... Given time and cost restrictions as stated above, adding weapons to the game is not the publishers job, but a modders job. Unless GRIN releases expansion packs for GRAW2, I forsee the weapons we get, will be from the modding community. I would much rather see GRIN working on GRAW 3 than on what we can do already as a community. It may be difficult at times but it is very doable.

Also there is a huge difference between actual 'Real world' realism and the "realism" in games. There are so many factors that a game cannot take into account. Be it from a medical standpoint as with the less than desired human damage model or simple ballistics of a round of ammo.

For example: Number 1, anyone who knows anything about a bullet hitting flesh knows that the bullet does not just enter the flesh and stop. It creates what is called cavitation, which is more simply put, a wave of tissue be it organ, connecitve, or other wise that moves through the body along the path of the bullet. This cavitation can cause major organs to become ruptured or damaged with out the round actually hitting it. (It all depends on the velocity of the round.) Never mind that when the bullet hits a rib or other bone and deflects throughout the abdomen or thorax, it could cause massive internal trauma. If you were to add in a percentile of internal injuries, a character when hit in the body would only have so much time before they bled out. The more rigorous the activity, the faster they lost blood. (This would make for crappy games though.)

Number 2, If you take a rifle and fire a standard off the shelf factory round no matter what brand, and then fire a hand loaded round which has been designed for engaging a target at a certain distance. The results are, more than likely, far different. Same weapon, different ammo, each will shoot consistant, but will shoot differently. We all know which ammo the US govt. buys.... the cheap stuff.

My point is that realism is all well and good, but we have to concede that a game engine cannot incorporate all variables of a real life situation. Realism is limited to what the engine will allow.

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