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Intresting article about GRAW 2


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Click me hard.

"* The first section of GRAW 2 will take place around the Mexican City of Juarez, 2nd in a war torn urban Center, the final tasks players with repelling a full fledged invasion of US soil for control over El Paso Texas."

Haha, thats kind of laughable. Repealing a full scale invasion of the US from Mexico? We can have the Border Patrol repeal an attack from Mexico, better yet, the Minute men...no need for the Ghosts :rofl:

edit: after further review, the Mexicans are invading us every day in real life and we can't stop them...maybe we do need ghosts? :)

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Oh god. I spent 2 years in el paso while I was in the army.....how funny is this ######?

I am guessing that Ubisoft has not heard the new army slogan, they are still under the "army of one "slogan, they feel that a small group of soldiers can repell an invasion while the WHOLE BASE COMMAND OF Fort Bliss, Fort Hood, Fort Carson, and Not to mention White Sands, will sit back and say, "This job is too big for us, let them handle it"

Your are right, this is a joke. But wait, since all our troops are in IRAQ, this might actually happen.

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