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Sniper Heaven


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Hello again folk.

Ok, first I would just like to say thank you for all the kind input about my new upcoming mod. ScOpE and SnowFella, you both were great with the links. The pics helped out a lot. In fact they helped out so much that I was inspired and decided to add one more weapon.

Below is the lates pic of the models.


As you can see they are very detailed, in fact you can literaly look right down the barrels of these beasts. They are nearly finished up. I just have a few more tid bits to work on.

Here are some links to other pics that show a little more of the detail in these models.

Beracus model view 1

Beracus model view 2

Beracus model view 3

Beracus model view 4

Beracus model view 5

Beracus model view 6

Beracus model view 7

Beracus model view 8

Beracus model view 9

I intend to include in this mod pack the following:

-Barrett M-107

-Barrett XM-109

-2 new scopes

-Iron sights

-Bipod and Mono pods up or down (unless I can figure out how to animate them.)

-New muzzleflash and smoke effects

-New sounds for both the 107 and 109

-Selection of muzzlebrake or supressor ( This one might not happen if I can't figure a way to add a 3rd supressor in wich case the muzzlbrake will be fixed to the barrels.)

-2 sets of gun textures to choose from

-And finaly a set of low polly models for those who run slow with the detailed models (Note that I may not get these out till sometime after the first release.)

I will try to have these done by or before Xmas, but please bare with me. I am not a pro modeler and I am slow. It took me nearly 4 days to get these to where they are now and I still need to model the new scopes and mags. Also please forgive anything that is not accurate in the models. I didn't have any 3 view plans and had to basicaly look at pics and free hand it in max.

I am open to sugestions and will take any I can get. If you see something not correct in the models please still feel free to tell me and I will see what I can do. I want these to be as close to the real thing as I can get them. Just keep in mind some details will be textured in rather then modeled.

One other thing. If you have any talents with modeling, texturing, effects, or anything that can contribute to this mod please let me know. I won't promise I will ask but I might need some help with some areas and it will be nice to know if you have an interest in helping out. Besides one thing fun about mods is folk working together to make a realy super mod.

P.S. If you have a weapon you would realy like to see in GRAW post it here if you like. I will pick one and it will be my next project to start once my current is completed.

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well an AK of some sort with rails system snag snows fore grip if he lets you the GP somethin GL and some side mount sight like dragonov scopes and red dots would be kool ,also im still tryin to figure out 3d max enough to make guns so i can help other modder but i still suck

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-And finaly a set of low polly models for those who run slow with the detailed models (Note that I may not get these out till sometime after the first release.)

Looking real good.

But you'll need those low poly models directly for use as LOD models for each weapon or they will be resource hogs. The models you have are probobly even to high poly for first person view and only usable for the normal mapping stage. 4000-4500 is good for the first person model and those looks higher then that. And remember that in that view you can't see things like into the barrel and such.

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Hi folk.

Just stopped in to let you know I managed to get the bipod to animate. I am now one step closer to my goal. Below is a link to a short bit of in game footage I made showing the default barrett m99 with the animated bipod.

Give it a few seconds to load the video. )

Bipod animated on the default Barrett m99

Nice detail. :thumbsup:

Still they don't look heavy enough compare to the real thing though.

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Yes it is the original default barrett. I was only using it as a test to see if I could even get the bipods to animate. My models aren't far enough along for me to get into the game as yet.

But now that I know I can animate them, it will give me more to work with on the models to make them realistic as possible.

Oh and if any of you are interested in the default barrett with the animated bipod let me know and I will see if I can figure out how to get it uploaded for DL's. Only way I can get it for you as I had to edit the sample max files. They never even animated them in the model file. It will come with new textures you see in the clip I posted.

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Hello all you fine folk once again.

Ok here is the latest update on the barrett mods. After 3 keyboards (due to my fustration) I finaly got the models in the game. I still have much work to do as in textures, alignments, animations, and well a lot of stuff hahaha.

Anyways here is a pic of the weapon select screen showing the 107. It is a longer gun than the m99 so you can't see the end of the barrel here unless you rotate the gun.


Below are some ingame video of this beast in action with default sniper scope. Watch close and you can see the bipods and even the finger rings for the locking pins animate during fire. (Note these files are in MPEG2 standard format. Give them a minute to connect)

M-107 run in and fire

M-107 prone position

P.S. Also have done some testing with the poly count. Even with the extremly high count and detail, I noticed no real impact on performance even with all the ghosts carrying the gun. Even more I used the detailed model for all 3 lods. My system isn't super either. (AMD 64 +3000, 6600 256meg video, audigy sound.)

However I am still working on dropping the poly count a bit and will of course in the final mod have lower counts for the lodb and lodc.

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Amazing job beracus, i imagine that with the xm109 it wont be necessary to rotate the gun to see the end of the barrel, hehehe ...

Anyway, will it be possible to aim the 25mm on other position than just prone ? Cause the bipod animations shouldnt be seen, of course, on prone position, and that rifle certainly cant be used on a different position by the shooter than prone.

Last month weve released a GR1 mod called "Sniper Cannon", including some big rifles too (but not the 25mm :whistle: ), all of them with important restrictions to the shooter aim on another position than just prone, like this NTW 20mm.



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