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Company of Heroes


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Well, as mentioned. Start by building a wepons support center, a supply yard and then a motor pool. Don't build more than one machinegun nest before you build the motor pool. Then you can build a barracks and research sticky bombs for you infantry. Then you can start making riflemens. That's how I play anyway.

Sometime, depending on the situation, I skip the barracks and wait until I can build the tank depot, and when that's done I build the barracks. Since I usually play as airborne I also get fuel quite quickly through supply drops.

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Go to fileshack.com and download Wake Island which is a map for Company of Heroes. Haven't played it yet but Wake Island is one of my favorite maps in BF 1942 :)

Getting it now, looks cool.

got it but havent instlled it yet.

Tried it and I like it :)

Becomes pretty unbalanced after a while though when you have a lot of fuel income, especially when you play as the Germans since they have the best tanks. After some time it gets a bit ridicules when you have +1000 fuel and you can't get rid of it because you don't have enough manpower to buy tanks for.

It's a fun map, but it doesn't beat Vire Valley River :starwars:

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The multiplayer is interesting if you dont play that stupid capture the points thing.

Its hard for me to do, I am usually the defensive player.


I mean damn you practically need to RUSH into the battle and capture points before the OPFOR can, It is a little TOO similar to other RTS, atleast for me at the moment.

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