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Do laptop handle with GRAW?


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I'm thinking about buying laptop and i'd like to know what grafic card is enough for GRAW.

What do you think about 7300 Go? Processor will be Core duo so i don't bother about that is not enough and of course 1gb ram. I hope tah will be enough.

Please write the min requairements for this game because i read a lots of topics and i didn't find a clear answer.


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I'm thinking about buying laptop and i'd like to know what grafic card is enough for GRAW.

What do you think about 7300 Go? Processor will be Core duo so i don't bother about that is not enough and of course 1gb ram. I hope tah will be enough.

Please write the min requairements for this game because i read a lots of topics and i didn't find a clear answer.



I have used my Macbook Pro 17" a couple of time booted in XP to play Graw and it runs really smooth.

I have a 2.16ghz dual core, 2gig ram and an X1600 256mb.

hope it helps

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I have a Acer aspire 2023.

I get 16-24 fps on GRAW in multiplayer.It's just about playable....as long as you are patient..lol

I would recomend you invest in the best laptop you can afford. Put all your money into processor,ram and graphics card.

I bought mine in 2004. I was able to play half life 2 etc. on med - high. I have to say I found Acer to be the best value for money, but their chasis is not as solid as others.

The pentium M processor I found to be very good on battery. But if it says 5 hours .. it means 3 max.. And if it says 3.5hours , it's closer to 1hour 15 mins with full use.

One other word of advice. Don't get anything you won't use. I know it sounds silly. I have a multi photo card reader jobby that I've used 2 times in 2 years. The exapansion port I'll never use. Firewire I don't use, but will if I get external hard drive....

The other thing is if you don't need to use it on battery:: then don't buy a laptop with good battery life. If you want to play games you will almost always be somewhere near a plug socket. Battery life will never be any good playing games.

Buy the biggest, ugliest,heaviest beast you can and it will last you. The thicker the better. Makes it look like its from 1993 and worth nothing.

Get a bag with it! It's a pain in the ass to get one later.

If you want a powerful machine it will be heavy. Ask yourself how much you will be walking with it and how far.

Not walking around the world? Most people aren't, and if you can, ignore the adds and go for a heavyweight. You'll get more features and less design b-u-l-ls-h-i-t.

Laptops are not upgradable. ie the system is sold to you missing components for optimum performance.NOT the other way around. Remember this. As I have friends who were convinced of upgrading their machine in 2 or 3 years. Which they can't. All they can do is buy more RAM. I bought the 2Gb's for my machine and GRAW jumped from 10fps to 16 - 24 fps. This means get the RAM in the beginning so you have max performance always and you know the limits of the machine.

Oh...and one final point in this rant. Get a desktop instead, if you can. You will save 50% for the same system. I should note that I'm in europe and in the states competition actually exists so you may be able to get good deals on laptops. But generally you can put together a top of the line system for the same price of an average laptop.

You can get a flatscreen and fit your whole desktop into a suitcase. If you're in colledge/work/etc and need a laptop, it's probably for word processing. Buy a cheap second hand piece of crap!!!! Word processing can be done on literally ANY laptop. Spend the rest on a super gaming desktop!!!!!!!

Most people are sold laptops because of a truely mesmerising advertising campaign. But most people do not need the type of machines that they are buying. It's this "I'm buying a lifestyle" attitude that feuls laptop prices rather than bring them down. Use your head when buying. Most people don't. (is watching DVD's on buses/trains/donkeys that important?)

Online shops can have great deals if you find them.

There is no miniumum when it comes to games. You buy the most advanced hardware and then the software surpases you in 2-3 years. If you buy minimum now you will have to upgrade next year to play whatever is out then. Buy the highest you can afford. Why not make the machine more affordable - get a desktop ($1500)+ piece of crap laptop ( for word processing , internet , etc)($300-500).

1 laptop @ $2000 =

Toshiba G35-AV600

Now: $1,899.99

Powered by Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology, this system offers a 17" WXGA TruBrite display, high end NVIDIA® graphics, dual HDDs, and DVD burner. New 1bit Digital amplifier and harman/kardon® sound, make TV viewing a pleasure!

Intel® Core™ Duo Processor* T2400 [1.83GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 667MHz FSB]

Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005*

Windows Vistaâ„¢ Capable*

1024MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz SDRAM* (512MBx2)

17" Diagonal Widescreen XGA+ Ultimate TruBriteâ„¢ Display* (1440 x 900)

NVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 7300* with 256MB GDDR2 discrete graphics memory

160GB: Two 80GB HDDs* (5400rpm, Serial-ATA)

DVD SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) drive*

Intel® PRO/Wireless* 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)

Bluetooth® (v.2.0) + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)*

Ok now for a desktop: @ $1,600 from Alienware

ATI Radeon X1600 XT

Processor manufacturer Intel

Processor type Core 2 Duo

Clock speed 1.86 GHz

1Gb ram 4 ssupported,,

yada yada yada

ANd for piece of crap laptop: $575

IBM ThinkPad R40

$ 575 On Sale

P4-M 2.2GHz, 512MB, 60GB, CD/DVD/CDRW, 10/100, WiFi, 56K, 15.0" TFT

And I just did quick searchs on them but you get the idea. $1600 + $575 = $2175 versus $1900 for a worse machine

And this is besides the fact that for $1600 you could put together an incredable machine.

Don't forget the huge advantage in having PCI express slots. This is the only way to be able to upgrade a graphics card at a later date.

I hope this helps. As you can see your money goes down the drain with higher end laptops. But if you are determined to get one follow the rule of "get the best". This is help it "live" longer.

All of this is just my opinion,btw.

PS - Every time I post on this forum it turns into a rant....must be the color scheme.... :wacko::lol:

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playing GRAW(and typing this) with an Alienware laptop. i got it for the sole purpose of being able to get decent performance in GRAW multiplayer, though the widescreen and 2 100GB SATA HD's in RAID 0 let let me turn it into my movie/music storage/playback unit, especially when i get a sound card that plugs into the serial slot. 2 gigs of RAM, Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 Ghz and an x1800 allow me 30+ FPS in a busy server. half-full ones are good for about 50 frames. i am running XP x64 though, and the x!800 is slightly overclocked, but if i could throw more money away on this thing, i'd definitely get an SLI beast...

if you want to accomplish GRAW performance - you can't go wrong with a Go 7800 GTX. a lot of OEM's offer those and it's a solid performer. i bet they'll put a g80 into a notebook pretty soon, so it might make sense to wait a little...

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