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Well, I went to MEPS yesterday and today. I don't feel like retyping everything, so I'll just post the e-mail I just sent to my girlfriend.

The phyical was a long, boring process. We had to get a briefing, then we had to sign papers, then we had to take an alcohol test, then we had to take a blood test, then we had to take a ###### test, then we got to take 2 vision tests (I got to take a third because I'm going to the Air Force), then we got to take a hearing test, then we got to talk to the doctor about our medical history - then he looked at my eyes, ears, mouth, balls, and butt.. Then we had to take a flexibility test, then I (again cuz I'm going into the Air Force) got to take a strength test.

There was only one other Air Force guy there.. Some of the people going into the Army struck me as being a little bit sketchy.. Surprisingly the military personnel working at the station were very friendly and helpful, and the civilian people working there were basically ######. I thought it would have been the other way around. The one petty officer (like a sergeant for the Navy) was very nice to me. He made my day a lot easier.

I passed the physical 'with flying colors' and even got the maximum score on the strength test! We looked in our folders and got our results for the intelligence test that we took on Monday. I got a 95/99.. Most of the other people there got scores in the 50s! Anyway, I'm qualified for almost every job in the Air Force. I called the recruiter after I got home and she told me that. She was very impressed with my scores.

The ###### test was the most difficult thing for me. Of course you know how often I pee - so imagine how hard it is for me to pee on command! I couldn't do it the first time.. So I spent an hour drinking like 10 cups of water. Then when I was waiting to see the doctor, I told the Petty Officer I was ready to take the ###### test NOW!! So we did - and I definately peed that time. I had drank so much water though that I ended up peeing two MORE times before I left! "When it rains, it pours" I guess, haha!

She said though that personnel specialists (the job I was looking at) don't qualify for the $15K bonus!!

I want that ring for you - I want that bonus. She suggested I find another job that they do have vacancies for - so I think I did. Information Management - http://www.goang.com/careers/detail....f-24524e19365b

It's basically working in an office - taking care of mail, communications, working on websites, etc. Safe. And I took several computer and web-design classes in high school - so I actually have a background in it. And it gets the bonus! And I can do this job at the base in Middletown - so instead of having to spend one weekend per month up at State College - I'll be home Saturday nights after drill is done. Which means we'll be able to spend more time as a family.

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So you signed-up? If so, CONGRATULATIONS. The Air Force is THE branch to be in, if you must serve. And working in IT is good stuff, too. It's one of the few military career paths that actually leaves you with something to put on a resume for the real world. You seem to have chosen wisely, and I assure you that you'll not regret it...

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Good luck tyovan4! :thumbsup:

I had to google MEPS.

I know what you mean about sketchy characters at a military physical.

I was drafted so was processed with well over a hundred prospective draftees. I spent the night before in an old seedy hotel in Detroit courtesy of Uncle Sam. It was zero outside and was just above freezing in a room I shared with some guy that told me all about all the acid he had done. :blink: The chow in the dining room was the worst I ever had and gave me a foreboding of what Army chow would be like. Someone told a buddy who was with him that at the physical they would draw blood from his balls. Later that evening, the storyteller had to go and retrieve him at the bus station.

The next morning, all congregated in the lobby, waiting for the bus ride to the induction center. I saw more then one smoking reefer openly at 5AM. That is sketchy, isn't it?

The method employed for doing a rectal exam was to ask a line of 15 or so to 'bend over and spread your cheeks' enmasse. One guy bent over and spread his facial cheeks. The doc doing the enmasse exam got him to spread the proper cheeks. All that passed the physical were sworn in and then put on a bus to Ft. Knox.

I would not want to do my military service again, but met some fine people I am still in contact with.

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Well, I had to go again to MEPS to ###### in the cup again. Something went wrong with the first sample. Here's part of what I just e-mailed my girlfriend.

I hope this e-mail will find you still in the cardiology department. Hopefully you had a peaceful night's sleep too. I couldn't sleep again - I finally fell asleep around midnight. And my alarm was rather cruel when it started buzzing at 0430!

I got to the station at 0530 - and didn't leave until 1015. Only with the United States military does it take almost 5 hours to pee. For the first three hours or so they were processing other people - so I sat out in the main lobby and watched tv. Then they started doing the ###### tests - and they let me go first. The friendly petty officer actually recognized me and remembered me! Of course I couldn't pee the first time. So I drank and drank and drank.. And then it was Niagara Falls when I was ready to go! Then they had to fill out some paperwork for my records - then I went home. After going to the bathroom AGAIN. And I even ended up going to the bathroom for a THIRD time when I got home.

Then I called SSgt Crouse - and we're meeting sometime next week to discuss jobs. She said though that the Information Management job doesn't qualify for the bonus!!! :-( I'll have to find one that does. She said my test scores are so good I can do pretty much whatever I want. I was talking with one guy at the station - hes joining the Navy as a nuclear reactor operator... He said he 'kicked the intelligence tests ass' he got a 91. He asked what I got and I told him a 95! Haha!! :-)

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