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Why is the SP n MP so dramatically different?


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I don't have Live just yet but I will come December anyway....

....How come u don't stick to walls in MP?

You can't destroy cars like in SP? But u can still blow em up with a nade

You can hold ur breath like in SP?

You can't slide like u do in MP? u can dive though

I just won it off Ebay, I can't wait to own it, i've been renting a weekly copy from Block Buster.

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The short answer is that the SP and MP games are entirely different... games, for lack of a better word.

The SP game was created by Ubisoft, while the MP game was made by RSE. They were both placed on the same disc, thus you quite literally have two games in one.

Think of it as a movie and it's sequel, on the same DVD.

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I don't know, they both have their good points and bad points. My only problem with MP is the sway left/right when you change direction. The buildings are much better looking and textured in MP,but your soldier is much more detailed looking in SP though. Would be nice to have the cover function in MP, but then it would also be nice to have the lean in SP. Would be nice in SP to be able to choose your weapon from the variety you have in MP. I love the reticule in MP much more than in SP. The left trigger focused shot is 100x better in MP--I love that thing!

Both seem to have a lag when you pull the trigger sometimes, not sure why.

They're both really good, just in different ways. ;)

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