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I know that everything I dream of won't be in Graw2 but nevertheless .... ( maybe they will be in Graw 3 )

I have genuinely enjoyed the truely tactical gameplay of Graw and thank the developers for that. I want Graw 2 to take the legacy of a true tactical shooter forward.

Firstly, I want major enhancements in gameplay rather than in graphics. Let Graw 2 be one of the few games where gameplay gets loads and loads of attention. The graphics in Graw is good and major improvements are not needed. We just need proper AA, some more colour used in the maps and better quality grass and foliage. ( I know that we cannot have proper AA with deferred lighting -- so change the deferred lighting if possible. ) Major improvements in graphics would raise the system requirement further and many many players would not be able to play the game. Personally, I would rather have ok graphics which I can set at high with all options on, rather than have great graphics which I can never experience because I have to play at low-medium.


Ideally, I would like a completely open and non-linear game structure. Let's say a small country is taken over by rebels. There will be a 'general' mode where I plan where I want to attack and a 'Ghost' mode where I actually fight as a Ghost. In the general mode, where I am an US general, I will have the ability to choose which part of the country ( which map ) I want to attack first. I will have all the information available till date regarding the topography, landmarks and rough enemy numbers etc. Enemies will go about their daily activities like patrolling, talking to each other, receiving instructions from superiors, sleeping , eating etc., that is I would like a good non-combat AI. I can attack any part ( map ) at any time I deem fit, like dawn, noon, night etc. In case the entire Ghost team dies, I will have to send another Ghost team. In that case the enemies will be better prepared for another attack.

Depending on the outcome of a mission the next mission that I choose might vary, like say I blow a bridge and this might result in the enemies not able to send in reinforcements or I blow up an AA gun and this will allow me to use an Apache etc. A map that I have taken over will be controlled by the US soldiers and some of them maybe reattacked by the rebels. I will be send in to defend alongside the US troops present. In short, I dream of a completely dynamic and non-linear gameplay which requires preplanning. For the casual player, who does not like to plan, a set mission order will be available.


The AI in Graw is very good and I hope that all the goodpoints will stay. But I would like quite a few additions --

- The group behavior for the enemies needs improvement. I would like the enemies to be more aggressive and attack as a team using bounding overwatch. If they feel that they are being outnumbered, they will relocate or retreat as a team using cover fire. I would like the enemies to flank in a wider arc when possible and a better co-ordination of suppression and flanking by the different enemies in a group will be welcome.

- The enemies may call in reinforcements in a dynamic manner, depending on the situation. If we can kill the existing enemies and move on, we may avoid the reinforcements, but they may chase us to a different section of the map if we are nearby and pick up a firefight.

- There are too many defensive enemies in Graw, like those who come out of vehicles. In [GR] especially after IT, the enemies were more aggressive and attacked us more frequently. I would like that. Once the enemies know of our presence, they will not relax anymore unless we are killed. In Graw, they slip into a relaxed mode very quickly. I would like the enemies to be more inquisitive.

- More patrolling enemies and lesser defensive and 'attack at all cost' enemies. Patrolling enemies are the most realistic ones and most fun to fight against.

- Enemies that 'hear' better and can 'hear' sounds at normal range.

- When the AI attacks, whether enemies or friendlies, I would like them to use corners better and check out every corner before they move. Currently this aspect is often weak, especially when the AI is not being suppressed. I would like the enemies to move more objectively and cautiously when they are aware of our presence or are investigating.

- The enemies will occasionally use grenades.


It is pretty well done but the additions required are

- ROE like [GR].

- Friendlies stay closer to me, like in real life, and cover my flank and rear.

- Someone mentioned this in another post -- the abilility to bind the friendlies, like 2 +2. I like the concept. Basically a way to have multiple teams if that feature is not given.

- A cross-com command telling friendlies to use GL or grenades.

- Ability to take/ switch weapons from friendlies, even fallen mates.


- All maps, whether originally present or user-made, are usable in all game modes, like in [GR]. Any map will be usable in SP, Co-op and all MP modes.

- Powerful and easy to use mission editor. In [GR], this was very easy. I remember that I used to put in lots of enemy groups of 6 tangoes in any map and gave them large patrolling areas. This game me original gameplay almost everytime I played. I never knew where I would face the enemy. I would like this feature in the Graw 2 editor. Igor is a very good example to follow.

- Map and mission editor for the 'single player mode' as well.- Easier modding for everything including weapons modding.

- Randomly placed enemies in missions and firefights.

- As stated earlier, completely non-linear mission structure where all objectives on a map are known from the beginning and all parts of the map are accessible at all times.

- Remembering that enhancing replayability is the key to the heart of hardcore GR fans.


The sound is pretty good, so there isn't much more to ask, just a couple of points

- More natural sounds like birds calling, insects breaking the silence etc. Incase we get forest or woodland maps, I hope the forest feels alive.

- All the gun shot sounds are as good as the Scar-L and H. The other 2 assault rifles sound a bit weak.

- There is more sound when we step into water. This did not happen in mission 4.


As I have stated earlier, the graphics are quite ok. We just need

- Better grass and foliage.

- The maps feel less grey/ yellow and there is more true colour. Almost all colours in Graw have a greyish and/or yellowish tinge.

- Proper AA ( not use deferred lighting in order to do this, if possible on the part of the developers. )

- Slighly darker shadows for buildings/trees .


- Multiple teams possible like [GR].

- I would like the player to die with lesser number of shots and have more frequent checkpoints to balance the gameplay. The ability to take too many shots, like Graw, reduces the tension somewhat.

- Giving as many options, as possible, in anything and everything.

- Larger selection of weapons.

- Ability to choose from a collection of optical sights, for all guns.

- Animals and birds present in forests, domestic animals in farms.

- More indoor areas to access.

- A nice mix of rural and urban maps.

- A very enjoyable and relatively trouble-free multiplayer experience.

Please add your dreams and wishes to this thread, for an ideal Graw2. :)

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multiple missions on a map

decided by the movement from spawn,

say you start at a cross road going left opens a script for one mission, going straight ahead will open a different mission going right will open another mission

say one will be a recon no casualties no shooting mission

the other will be a demo mission, get past defences (recon or fighting) and demolish the objective

the third will be a firefight or resque or capture mission

all missions within the same map using elements of each other and one effecting the other, as they all need to be done

hope this makes sence ....


i like the thing done in graw being able to use every weapon

but i would like to see a change in gear when i take a sniper

i'd like to have some lighter gear

when i take a heavy gunner i would like to see the heavy gear

look at [GR]...

so when making a weapons choice i would like to see a skin accordingly, also in mp.

a heavy gunner can carry more but might be harder to run with, and that sort of penalties

(this would the skin thing, make mp more identiviable as you know the other takes this or that and he is wearing that outfit)

an ingame option / call for resupply at our wishes

so that when you do not know the mission objective (something i would like to see)

you can at some point call for a resupply and getting it ....(once per mission)

making us back track to a save area and walk back again rearmed

thanks for reading :D

(buddhiraja you make awesome posts :D)

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my $1.25.

1) editable clip plane(Graw is horrendous)

2)custom map making that doesn't require backwoods mojo and editing 1,000 xml's.

3) start off offering more weapons. we have a M99 barrett, but where's the M24SWS? sorry the M24 is against human targets and the barrett is anti material.

make every map available for adding missions and gametypes like [GR].(so modders can change the location of siege zones and for other gametypes, added: skyboxes and general all around moddability.

4) NO MORE BUNDLE FILES! THEY SUCK! let the files be in a folder heiarchy like [GR] for easier modding.

5) RURAL maps please. countryside maps with bushes and trees. not cactus and city.

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Please post about the new things that you want to see. Requests which are made much later will have little chance of being incorporated.


I really like your point about calling for a resupply, mid-mission, based on our needs. It would be ideal for the dynamic gameplay that we dream of. :thumbsup:

@Papa6, You have come up with some important points regarding modding. :thumbsup:

I am very interested in knowing what the other moddders would ideally like to see, as an efficient and easy to use modding tool. A detailed discussion on this would be interesting.

TvT players, what new modes can you think of to make Graw 2 more interesting ?

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What TvT needs is more maps (rural ones), and stable connections towards servers (the servers are stable already), and still more maps.

In don't see the need for any new modes. HH & TDM is popular enough and Siege hasn’t had much success. I think the TvT got the modes they need.

More weapons and longer draw distance would be nice, but that is not only a TvT issue - if it is one at all.

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Good Post....

I would like the ability to have more control of the Ghost AI, with the ability to move the ghosts where i want them and not where they think they should move to. ( Iknow they were supposed to be smart and take the best cover position-but they dont! )

I'd like to be able to issue them with crouch or prone commands.

RECON mode.

Order the squad to peek round corners and not start shooting without command.

RECON mode.

Good variety of different locations and surroundings.

RECON mode.

The ability to take control of Ghost squad members.

RECON mode.

Apart from that i dont think i'd want a lot more than that changed......But GRiN, if you did add a recon mode that would be a bonus! :D

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Two words - fluid movement (see RvS).

Oh, and mantling, momentum, swaying sights, being able to steady your gun on anything like crates/windows/cars/etc, accurate ballistic properties, side effects from being shot in various places, and variety. Screw the story, go for gameplay all the way.

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make every map available for adding missions and gametypes like [GR].(so modders can change the location of siege zones and for other gametypes, added: skyboxes and general all around moddability.

A proper editor included would be nice. :thumbsup:

Did they have your old copy behind the counter?


Anyone willing to pay for GRAW 2 now. Paypal me $50 because clearly you have money to waste.

Is that a solicitation?

No, thanks, now that would really be a waste.

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i would like to see some female caracters and international caracters in graw2

Does that mean Special Forces characters who will wear a turban or a veil? :blink:

Hey Rumsfeld! – now there’s an idea! Haliburton-licensed kevlar turbans and burkas for new recruits from ethnic minorities.

You’ll make a fortune – again. :D

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i would like to see some female caracters and international caracters in graw2

Does that mean Special Forces characters who will wear a turban or a veil? :blink:

we got those ..... :ph34r: & :zorro:

Hey Rumsfeld! – now there’s an idea! Haliburton-licensed kevlar turbans and burkas for new recruits from ethnic minorities.

hmm don't think eskimo's, chinese, or any other non islamic ethnic minority will wear that ...

seems to me he'd lose money on that one

You’ll make a fortune – again. :D

a fortune in laughs and ridicule

no in all seriousness i would like my kunselman back and would like to crossdress online like the queen i am :P

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AI ( contd..)

- Assuming we get open terrain like GR1, the AI groups make tactical decisions regarding the path they want to attack , or not attack, based on the topography, my squad strength, their squad strength etc.

- While moving up, the AI does so from cover to cover. This does not always happen in Graw.

- And as I have already written, tactical movement by enemy groups, no matter how small, would be great.

- Currently, we have 2 or 3-soldiers groups that move while trying to attack the player. I would like bigger enemy groups trying to attack the player, like 4 to 6.

- Enemies use smoke grenades occasionally.

Squad command ( contd.. )

- Different formations possible for my team by using buttons on the tac-map.

Miscellaneous ( contd..)

- More enemy vehicle like trucks, jeeps, motorboats etc.

- The vehicles have large patrolling areas rather than being triggered by some event and moving from point A to B. They will patrol the map continuously.

- The maps are more gritty and atmospheric.

- Please make the game extremely scalable by an in-game menu so that all the options that can be turned off and on, can be done so from within the game.

p.s - With the wonderful tactical map and AI that Grin has made, don't you dream of an old GR-like setup, multiple teams to command on the tac map, enemies also attacking with multiple teams in a wide open and large map and a very dynamic and tactical battle would enfold ( as opposed to the single team CQB-like battle of Graw ) ?

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....as posted in Ghost Recon "Next" thread.....

I went to my 2-cents jar and come up with these;

Graphics/ HUD/ Game features

Scalable to lower end graphics cards with the likes of Half-Life2. No need to deny someone with 6600 128MB DDR1 card a good game.

DX9 or backward compatible.

Runs on HL2 Engine/Havoc/Rag doll/Crisis/Splinter Cell engines or other engines that proves to work well or familiar to gamers and modders. Gamers/consumers should not be beta testers.

In regards to beta testers, recently inactive or active military personnel would be a plus when it comes to authenticating the feel and looks of the weapons, gears and vehicles.

First person view, body awareness feel like GR:AW. AI teammates should learn to look for cover like those enemy AI in GR:IT. AI teammates should cover you and give you suppressing fire, minus the yelling when they run out of ammo.

Multiple Fire Teams. If soul jumping is not for you, maybe, Fire Team jumping maybe a nice new feature. Like Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers control, but through Tactical Map

Maybe go a step further than [GR], instead of 3 teams, go 4 teams a possible total numbers to 12 operators. I guess depends on gamers PC specs, have the ability to add a Fire Team. Maybe a toggle option. When missions are too hard, some gamers like me use the cheat codes. Maybe perhaps, all I needed was an additional Fire Team.

Wide screen available option for SP and MP (admin/host server option as not to give a little edge over competition)

Anti-Alias available option. Bloom effects, HDR technology are nice, but an option to turn them off would be a plus if our rig is not up to par.

Dynamic Weather Games: when the time or position of the sun (sun glare could affect snipers, or guards getting blinded enabling you to make a stealthy insertions. Having a full moon affecting your night-vision equipments. Rain affecting your draw-distance capability.

Locations should also affect players mobility. Sandy and water environments should slow down the pace of a player. The feel on running on solid ground vs loose surface should affect the players. Injury to self or team should affect mobility.

Running speeds and aiming stance speed should vary. Running should be almost like BF2 where endurance differs from a rifleman to a gunner with a heavier load out. Aiming should be affected by the strength or intensity of the run. If it was a long sprint, the breathing should be heavier than a short aiming jog.

In the case of an artillery ambush where the team has to run for cover, a rifleman running with two hands on the weapon should look different from a gunner running and holding his ammo with one hand and the other hand on the carrying handle of his M249. I'm sure the common reaction is run with your head down and field of view is somewhat pointed towards the ground.

Of course the player should be able to move his mouse to look up, but this is just instant reaction, just instinct kicking in. I might be wrong on this, but if artillery is raining down on me, I wouldn't be looking up hoping to catch a glimpse of a shell as it hurls toward earth.

HUD should be clean. Or least like [GR] with separate function keys to reduce number of HUD displays. Directions of attack should be passed on to sound engine. By the time of release, majority of players should already have some kind of 5.1 speaker /headphone set up. Player's body awareness should already know if you're prone, crouched or standing up. Aiming while prone should be like GR:AW. Sliding and kicking up dust; destroyed building with leaflets floating around, getting some updraft, like in GR:AW should be included.

Command set up should learn from Rainbow Six:Vegas, where you can give priority kill command for some serious tactics. Right-click commands shouldn't cost players precious seconds. Firing arcs should also be assignable like Rainbow Six and AI teammates can readily assist once their sector of fire has been secured. After assisting, AI should return back to their firing arc.

Cross-Com should be kept minus the camera. I know its a step back, but I feel that if its not not in current inventory now in Iraq or Afghanistan, then I can pass on it Player should be able to soul-jump to appreciate each characters capability and skills. It gives player ability to unstuck them in situations where they may get stuck for whatever reason. I hate having to stop the mission just because I have to “bump” my teammate off a sticky situation.

Having a HL2 engine gives this game an element of physics. Maybe a sniper can shoot a barrel

and block a door. Destroying a bridge on an ambush mission with a well-time/positioned C-4 can produce a nice spectacular showcase for this physics and rag doll effects. Remember Call of Duty when they blew up the railroad track?

Quick Saves. Should include a toggle option. Players should have that option. Maybe include a slider that sets number of save-points, from 5-20. Of course this would be included in the after missions debriefing. So its another badge of honor to accomplish missions with not only the least amount of time, but also save-points.

Sound could start at 5.1 to maybe 9.1 since Yamaha released a receiver 3 yrs ago. Of course at e 9.1, this resource hog could be passed on the sound card and not the CPU. Desert Firefights should have a different sound from firefights in hallways or tall ceiling buildings in urban situations. Different equipments or load-out should sound differently. A machine gunner sound with all those ammo being lugged around should sound different from a stealthier sniper. Slooshing sounds from Camel back would add to the immersion of the game.

If gamer has to don a mask, his breathing should sound different when his not wearing it.

Damage/Injury specific scripts. I just made that up. On Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix, it was engrossing to see the limps being blown away. Or if the enemy get shot in a specific shoulder, the body model twist to that direction. Including the death camera. Was that on GRAW? I remember doing a lot of laying on the side, but not twisting due to my untimely death. [GR] limps and animations of kills are engrossing too, but I figure a couple more animations couldn't hurt. To a peace parents, this option, like mature language, should be password protected. Ragdoll effects are nice but certain death or limping animations added to the kill would be nice.

Injured teammate should slow down the team too. I forgot who made this observation, but, we use to say in the Corp : “Fastest man, is the slowest man.”

Unless developers can incorporate med kits to every riflemen.

Maybe, instead of having a corpsman, the team gets held back until the bandages are applied to the injured team. Adding mission time completion like COD in the mission briefing.

This would feel like the physics effect when running on the beach. The sand should slow down your running.


SDK included with or available to be downloaded once the game gets registered.

Weapons: NATO/WARSAW pack. A bundled deluxe/download able version should consider including softwares that allow modders to easily make/remake/skin weapons.

Missions: Simple “drag-and-drop” for building missions.

Maps: Terrain mapping like those roller coasters games, pinch-and-pull. Building MOUT environments, i.e. building, warehouses, garages, bridges, debris should snap together.

Characters and NPC. Scalable on number of characters per mission. Ability to customize the gears, BDU. Photoshop gamers face would be a nice option too.

Moddable games have longer shelf-life thereby having an excellent probability of developing a mature community of gamers.

Video tutorial maybe also included in Special Edition Bundle. This should speed up novice modder's skill.

Mod inter-phase should remain like [GR]. No extracting bundles and messing up your installation. Mod installation would also go in priority like [GR].


Have a features where the same mission can be played over and over with customizable/ enemy randomizer like Soldier of Fortune: Double Helix. It wasn't perfect but it added to the value to the game. Have enemy AI learn to adjust to players tactics. Have their patrol paths change every time a new mission is loaded.

Able to view mission movie/replays from all angle, ala BF2, but easier, so we can analyze or create and share movies from missions.

Finishing missions should unlock maps made specifically for bot hunts or siege maps. Again random spawning of enemies on these maps.

These maps should include all kinds of maps from urban/MOUT, desert, jungle, beach, mountainous maps similar to Afghanistan,

Now, I'm not sure if this is limited to HL2 engines, but if possible having an urban setting, the building can be entered. Now you not only got yourself a RSE GR game, but a RSE RB6 indoor firefights. Beams can be destroyed like to bring down a floor section. Maybe to intensify the immersion, maybe have player listen to floor cracking, cause they may break or collapse underneath their feet.

With HL2 engines, you may plant booby traps in jungle settings. Maybe a shoot a tree trunk to block an enemy platoon from chasing you further. Or trick your enemies into a hole covered with leaves.

The updated Crysis engine with its jungle demo, shows that a jungle can be cut down ala Predator, the movie.

Having the engine used in SplinterCell, Navy SEAL Stealth missions can be more authentic. I don't remember which Navy SEAL Documentary I saw this, but one of the instructed said, that if a Navy SEAL fired his weapon during a mission, he doesn't count that as a successful mission.

The gamer must be able to use scale walls with teamwork, maybe scripted in the game. I figure if you can give a “stack” command to burst into a room, why not give a “stack” command to scale up a wall. That should solve the previous inability of [GR] to jump a 2-ft fence. Maybe the team can do them cheerleaders pyramid. I'm putting my Redbull down now.

Open-Ended Single Player Missions

Keep the game current with current events. No more of these military in the future. Maybe some military weapons that maybe on the current Research and Development.

Pass on the triangle markers. Year-of-the-Monkey taught us that having no cross-hair made the immersion of the firefights to whole new other level.

Have some missions/campaigns be played and not end when objectives are completed. Example, have player have the discretion on what the team can do besides complete and objective(s). If the mission is completed, the player should be able to decide to call in for extraction or explore and do some intelligence gathering or reconnaissance.

If a target of opportunity (ies) should arise, the player should be able to take it out or just collect intelligence. It should test players judgment and ability to pay attention to certain delicate missions.

HALO/HAHO insertions would be a plus with ability to steer/direct approach.

HELO/Rapid rappelling/SPIE insertions for both MOUT or Jungle maps.

Ability to rappel sides of buildings or mountains.

Water insertions or patrols needs to be included. GR:IT almost had “it” with river insertions. Thankfully, some modder where able to capitalize that feature and create a mission where the team inserted and was faced with enemies on both side of the riverbanks. Sorry can't remember the name of the mod.

Insertions via scuba or submarine into an underground base like the Dock map would further increase the immersion of this game.


All the about [GR] capability with some of GR:AW MP. Last man standing, Multiple Team vs Team (ala Last Man Standing, but in Fire Teams), Hamburger Hill, Escort Missions, Team Siege, Timed Mission (One team plays OPFOR while other try to accomplish a mission in a given time)

This is more like a challenge to developers. How about a dynamic multi player map.

I explain it like this. We all hate campers that hide in the outer perimeters of the maps with their high-powered sniper rifle. How about a map like BF2, that changes in size depending on the amount of players (maybe a server/admin option). So lets say, the MP started with 24 players and its a LMS MP. As players dwindle in size, maybe due to that sniper, the map size decreases. If that camper lies beyond the map boundary, he gets killed. It keeps campers from

ruining the game, and it encourages everyone to get in the battle or forces them to join a team.

If a team decides to join in a Multi-Team vs Team, that started with two teams of 4-man team,

the map will dynamically enlarge in size, and the incoming team, will be spawned behind that camper or more like a proximity to them. This should take them off the equation.

Or incorporate the ability to call-in air strike/artillery on MP maps, if the team leader can pinpoint the location of a camping snipers.

What about spawn points?

Team vs Team:

This brings back the med-kits given to every soldier. If a teammates gets injured, the team must bandage their teammates before he dies, or, the team cannot move another inch without bandaging the injured teammate.

Last Man Standing:

Spawning will be indoors or somewhere hidden where no one can be waiting for an easy kill.

If there is no buildings are around, maybe spawn points will occur randomly with at least 50 meters away from nearest player.

Or if you happen to spawn next to another player, your and that player automatically have a weapon jam or have no ammo. Both will have 15 secs to separate from each other or be sitting ducks to other players besides them two.

No large maps that require an aircraft carrier nor a troop-carrying helicopters. Keep it troop based MP maps. Well then again, it could be scripted on certain Siege MP maps just to add targets of opportunities. I haven't heard claymore being used on MP. I've seen players shoot his own team with the M136. Maybe TOWs or Javelins can be used to destroy scripted tanks on Siege.

Integrated Teamspeak or X-fire.

Want APCs or AAVs? Play Armed Assault.

Want Helicopters and VTOL? Play BF2.

Unlimited Weapons Inventory

Should include but not limited to what is current military inventory or theme. SOFLAM, laser guided missiles and laser markers for bunker-busting missions should be included.

Special/Advance weapons shouldn't come as locked like BF2. Maybe have a feature that gamer had to fire-qualify in the range before qualifying to request these weapons before heading out on a mission.

Customizable look and fell like GR:AW. Attachments and suppressors should be available. Painting them could be a nice option too. Ghillies and wraps would be a nice customizations for snipers.

Weapons sounds and how its affected by the environment its being shot at like in GR:AW PC and 360 should be kept.

Should be able to call in air strikes or artillery precisely, of course after adequate training.

Night-visions should be like GR:AW. They got that right. Kudos to GRIN. It was surprising to see that you can lose momentary vision when enemy AI uses the flashlight or muzzle flash.


Current or those in Research and Development stage. Have the ability to use some HMMWV, or Rapid assault vehicles that require teamwork in MP or AI scripted to board and automatically assigned a firing arc. Tanks/ APC maybe something left to AI control or be controlled ala Full Spectrum Warrior:10 Hammer. Even those mobile artillery or air support either Cobra or Apache helicopters would be nice call for artillery or air-support. Some vehicles must be left to trained personnel. I just don't see Sgt Demo all of the sudden be able to drive an M1A1 Abrams while SSgt Sniper operates the turret.

We all can't be HF.

Vehicles should be vulnerable to EID or having tires/tracks damaged.

Certain vehicles should be customizable like weapon kits. Loads should also affect the physics or mobility of the vehicle. Sands and tire damage should slow it down too.

NO BUNDLE Spyware Software..

Developers can probably discretely post ads in posters in-game. Releasing patches could be a way for them to enhance the game and, again, discretely change the posters. Maybe have destructive billboards that once the map get reloaded, the advertising would be replaced. Its like clicking on an add in GR.NET.

Keeping the game with current events, makes the advertising more relevant. Selling Dodge Rams in the year 2142 didn't make sense at all.

Maybe selling food/ beverage ads (posters or vending machines) would trigger an easter-egg stomach growl from soldiers would be cute.

Remember the elevator music coming from those radios in [GR]? Maybe publishers can sell jingles there and be replaceable through patches. Again, we can shoot/destroy the radio, like the billboards, then come back with a different jingle altogether on the next mission.

That should drop the prices of games.

I'm going on a vacation........

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Not that I expect ANY positive improvements with Ubisoft at the helm, but here goes:

1.) AI

They should be more intuitive. For instance, if it's clear that one or more squad memebers is crossing a danger area, I want the rest of the squad covering said movement. Not staing at the wall 2 meters to his front telling me he doesn't have a shot.

When I give an ATTACK order, I don't want to hear, "Negative." Monkeyboi needs to get his rear in gear and move to where he HAS a shot. This is not negotiable. I'm in charge, not his sense of comfort.

They're getting better at using their other weapons, but I'd still like to see more grenade tossing from the AI.

2.) Squad/Orders

First, I want the ROE control back. I want to be able to leave a blanket order for the squad, or at least for individual members of it, under what conditions he may engage the enemy. This is essential for preparing an attack/assault on an objective. For instance, the howitzers in Strong Point. I could work that piece of the map SO much more efficiently if I could trust those guys to go around the right of the camp WITHOUT lighting-up everything they see.

I'd like to see, in addition to ATTACK, COVER and other commands, a SUPPRESS command. To be able to order a member or the whole squad to SUPPRESS an area without having to spot an enemy in it. For instance, rooftop snipers. If I know there's one up there, but I can't order Brown to attack him cuz he can't see him. I want to give him the SUPPRESS order to just keep hot lead on the general area where I think the sniper is, to keep his head down. That will allow whoever else to maneuver around the sniper for a better shot or grenade toss. The first rooftop sniper on the left in Quarterback is a great example.

3.) Kits/Ammo

How hard is it to imagine an American Special Forces soldier picking up a weapon on the battlefield and using it? Let's say Brown, in his infinite thirst for death, blows off all of his 7.62mm ammo. Now he's stuck with either finishing the mission with only a pistol, or picking-up one of those mighty-fine ,never-fired, dropped-once H&K machineguns laying around. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THIS GUY IS GONNA SETTLE FOR THE PISTOL! There need to be options for characters to pick-up not just ammo, but also weapons on the battlefield, (I hate to say this, God forgive me...) just like in BF2.

A MEDIC class/kit. Sorry, but the real SF guys have medics. It's a whole other Special Forces MOS. Those guys are freekin' GOOD, too. (ask about the 'goat lab'... these dudes are awesome) So why did I go into Mexico City without one? In addition to helping the squad out with medical aid in the field, there are mission objectives in which a medic could be QUITE useful. In Coup d'etat, imagine we don't just show-up at the Embassy and find the Mexican President laying conveniently behind two Marines on the ground floor, but he's SOMEWHERE in the building and SERIOUSLY injured. "CPT Mitchell, get your Medic to him NOW! There's no telling how badly he's hurt, and we can't afford to let him die." But where in the Embassy ruins is he? Great twist to the mission, especially if he's dodging bullets and tank rounds to find the guy while the rest of the squad is trying to hold back half the rebels in Mexico. Also, see below about the (crap) damage model.

All of the effects in GRAW for sound, muzzle flash, etc. are GREAT! I understand that it's a lot of work per weapon to make this so great, but feel me here- the United States Army is NOT buying the M8. Not in any form. Not at ANY time. We've known this for a while. On the other hand, they DO and WILL CONTINUE TO use sniper/DM rifles like the M14, M24, and M82. Our companions in France don't seem to realize this, and I can understand that to an extent. But they need to get their heads out of their fourth point of contact now and get with the program. Wanna know what SF guys are using and will likely be using in the near future? WRITE THEM AN EMAIL AND ASK! It's not like every last little detail of their lives is a total top secret! But get the real skinny on the real equipment before publishing it in a game. Sure, modders can make this all happen after the fact, but there are literally TONS of players out there who will never download a mod and would much rather have the better weapons. M4, M24, M14, and M1911 are the first and most important options that GRAW lacked and GRAW2 needs. SCAR-L and H are awesome, right-on-the-money weapons, and should be maintained.

4.) Player damage

Why fix what isn't broken? [GR] had it right. If you get hit in the leg, you can't run and basically only walk/crawl at a snail's pace. Hit in the arm or body? There goes your impeccable aim, bud. I actually received a non-fatal headwound once (ONLY once) in [GR] MP. Grenade went off close to me. According to the damage values there, a lot of weapons were NOT instant-kills in the head, just like 99% chance or something. Anyhow, someone care to tell me how a 'Damage-O-Meter' is more real, and a guy can be hanging on to life by a thread and still sprint in all that gear? ARE YOU INSANE?!?!?! You don't have to be medical doctors to get this. Given, the sliding hitpoint scale or whatever DOES have some merit. I know how much pain I'm in. This can be represented as such. What I'd LIKE to see, along with the medic mentioned above, is something more like in America's Army- take a hit and you're bleeding. If you don't get it bandaged soon, you may lose consciousness and even bleed to death. Depending on the severity of your wound, the rate of bleeding may vary and the immediate impact on your ability to continue fighting as well. The first body hit or two obviously won't do much other than PERHAPS bruise you, as you've got that nice thick armor plate in. First leg or arm? You're bleeding. Accuracy just went downhill. If it's a leg, good luck trying to run. Key here- it'll take the MEDIC to get the bleeding controlled. The more you and your team are getting wounded, the more you lose that medic from the fight to tend to wounds. Can get frustrating. As well as the impact of wounds of your team on it's ability to continue the mission. Encourages you, CPT Mitchell, to be more careful in employing the team and planning your maneuver. Just like [GR] did, and GRAW did not...

5.) LOS/LOD/Draw

Sore spot. 150 meters, plus or minus 3. I can consistently hit a man-size target at 300 meters with an abused M16A2 open-sights. Like it or not, Mister Green Beret can at least SEE 400. Maybe more. With the cool optics and match-grade weaponry he carries, he can pretty easily and accurately engage Mister Not Green Beret at such ranges. If a GRAW2 is to be worth the ink used to print it's cover, this needs to be fixed.

Look, just because someone HAS a direct line of sight to me and does not have his/her back to me, does NOT mean he instantly sees me, recognizes that I'm not like him and am in fact here to kill him, and can immediately draw his weapon on me and open fire with the precision of a WWII Russian sniper. Something to consider (maybe an AI issue) is whether or not an enemy can recognize a friendly (and vice-versa) even if he's looking directly at him (from 130 meters with no optics and the training of a circus monkey). Just a thought.

Maybe some part of Mexico that Mr. Ubi Frenchman saw was NOT the cleanest place on Earth, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT'S NOT ALL TRASHED LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME! Might save some processor power and memory if you lightened-up on the trash. Just a thought. Take it for what it's worth...

6.) Miscellaneous

QUICKSAVE/QUICKLOAD! It can't be said often enough. It has been taken for granted, and it is the gamer's best friend in SP.

SADS COOP Mission. Of course, with a 4-man team limit that really doesn't justify a $200/month server rental. So...

7-9 Man Team Missions. Maybe as a MP-only thing, but it needs to be an option. In fact, that would be REALLY cool to have MP missions that cannot be completed SP. As a bonus thing, of course, and not a requirement to complete the SP campaign. For instance, in GRAW there are a LOT of options for more missions that we leave open. How about the airport mission led by CPT Jennifer Burke? Mac Rivers and the Stadium? Adam Price/Villa Basilica? Steven Chang/East Side (that was a poor taste joke, guys.... the ONE guy with an Asian name gets the East Side? C'mon...)? Those are open missions, perhaps even sub-campaigns that were never exploited. And there were more that were subtly implied, such as CPT Abrieu (sp?) getting the Mexican President from that parking garage to the Embassy. Who says it was a Sunday drive? These are all examples of places where large-team missions could be written-up for MP-only, maybe added post-release as additional content once the first round of post-release debugging is through. Kinda like the MP packs we've gotten with GRAW. Better to include it all with release, of course, since the three MP packs so far were free anyhow. But a LITTLE later is better than never. Really, if you need ideas for it, ask US! There are kickin' modders around here with some great script tricks up their sleeves (think AlphaSquad), there are real-world military folks from a bunch of different countries who've actually been out in the world getting shot at and blown-up, and there are a million different GREAT ideas in this community alone. We can come up with some killer missions that would challenge even the most hardened GRAW players in teams of 9. And wee can include such content for GRAW2.

NO HERO CHARACTER! This name is about tactical, it's about realism (as much so as can be achieved through electrons), and it is about TEAMWORK. There's no "I" in team. [GR] was written with that understanding, yet still managed to incorporate hero character names. I felt worse about losing the generic dudes in [GR] than I do about any of my three teammates in GRAW. GRAW2 should get back to that feeling...

7.) Publisher

Take Ubisoft out of the picture, or the above doesn't matter anyhow. I've bought my last Ubisoft title. I'll continue to play [GR], GRAW, all the SC and R6 stuff I've got, but NO MORE MONEY OF MINE GOES TO THOSE ######, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not negotiable...

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