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How long did it take you to complete the campaign?


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It took me 7 hours 30 minutes and 59 seconds, with no team mate losses, but plenty of wounds.

Damn short campaign, i was expecting it to be a hell of alot longer.

Also the maps in campaign were pretty bland and boring when u compare them to the creativity of GR1.

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It probably took me a bit longer, mainly because there was abuot a 3 month break in the middle, so it took a bit to get acclimated to it again.

I thought they were bland just because they were all just Mexico city, all just city, no forest environments or anything like that, noting but light brown buildings over and over again.

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it took me my first time on normal mode about 14 hours - i played it six times on hard and beat on the sixth time in 7 hours 17 minutes

i had 24% aiming

headshots = 223

neutralized enemies =649

total score = 26700

and no i did not use a single cheat

i went through the game beating some levels without a single wound on the sixth time if you did it under eight hours thats pretty fast

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