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Lookn' for fellow GR'netters to play on live

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We had some good games the other day, look forward to getting in a few more games Mic. We ran a full room and had some intense fights going on, mostly blind seige. Sadly for Mic, he said at one time "I'll stick with you since you seem to know what you're doing." Could not have been more wrong. LOL At least I didn't grenade you. :rofl:

Watch for me online. I'm hoping to find a GRAW room later this week. Great job on the game, BTW. Good luck on your endeavor you're working on.

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Going to be on next week any? Can probably scare up a room for us again. Hard to do on the weekends sometimes, especially with Rainbow out now.

If you've got Vegas, you're welcome there too (is that blasphemy?). Can do some co-op gametypes if not many are on--but they usually are.

Will there be junked or parked cars in MP GRAW2? Can I submit a request? :D Seriously! I'd love to have one of my cars in there so I could blow it up when I'm frustrated with it. LOL

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