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European GR:AW Ladders Open - TeamWarfare League


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The TeamWarfare League (TWL) is pleased to announce that our European GR:AW Ladders are now open for sign-ups.

With over 3 years experiance supporting [GR] competition & over 3000 GR matches played on TWL during that time, we hope to provide the European community with the same level of competitive play for GR:AW.

Right now we're busy finalising the rulesets/maplists/etc for each of the ladders on offer & would appreciate feedback from the european GR:AW community on what we have to offer. TWL has always been about 'community based gaming' and we try where possible to include teams & players in all aspects of competition.

There are currently 4 Ladders open for sign-ups & we are also busy organising a Sponsored GR:AW Tournament with details to be announced later. (Yes that means prizes!!)

TWL GR:AW Public Discussion forum is located here: GR:AW Forum

The current staff for EU GR:AW are:

Beaver (me) - EU Competition Director - GR:AW

and we are also looking for Admins to help run the ladders. Email me with your details if interested.

Ladder Availability:

- EU GR:AW - 1v1 Last Man Standing Ladder

For those lone wolf types without a current clan or those already in a clan looking to show off their GR:AW skills, the 1v1 Last Man Standing ladder is all about bragging rights & individual skill.

- EU GR:AW - 2v2 Last Team Standing Ladder

For those new clans just starting out or for larger clans who want to encourage team work within their ranks, the 2v2 ladder allows for teams upto a max of 5 players on a roster to compete in a structured match play environment.

- EU GR:AW - 5v5 Last Team Standing Ladder

This 5v5 is the main ladder for scheduled & structured competitive match play. Allowing large clans a chance to show their skills on the battlefield. There is no max roster limit for the 5v5 & clans are welcome to create multiple 'squads' on the ladder if they have a large team base.

- EU GR:AW - Power Ladder

Also known as the 'Pick-up Game Ladder', 'PCW Ladder', 'Scrimmage Ladder', depending on where your from.

The Power Ladder concept allows teams to quickly make un-scheduled matches/challenges & play games on the spur of the moment. Teams are free to make up their own rules for the match & are given the opportunity to discuss & agree terms in private match comms & once the match is played, they can then report the results on the site & their points are adjusted based on win/loss. (Max 5 maps can be reported.)

A modified verison on the ELO points ranking system is used - each team starting with 1000 points on an even playing field, and then points are calculated based on your current points & win/loss status.

How does the scoring (Ratings) work?

Points are based on the differential betwen your rank and your opponent. From that number we apply a modifier based on the number of teams on the ladder.

WinnerRating = WinnerRating + (LoserRating * (TeamsOnLadder / 2) / WinnerRating)

LoserRating = LoserRating - (LoserRating * (TeamsOnLadder / 2) / WinnerRating)

Multiple challenges may be made & you can challenge any team on the ladder. Teams are also free to decline challenges too.

--- End Status Report ---

So what are you waiting for, get those teams signed up and players onto your rosters & lets have some good old fashioned killin on the battlefield. :o=

If you have any question about the Ladders/Rules/etc, then please feel free to post over on the TWL GR:AW discussion forums or drop me an email - beaver@teamwarfare.com


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what are the plans for US ladders?

There are NA ladders currently open, but they are run by my North American counter-parts.

StonedCold is the Competition Manager for NA GR:AW - the discussion forum I linked in the post above is for all GR:AW public discussion at TWL, not specifically for EU. :)

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TWL has no rules for graw ladders at this time I have sent a email a week ago and still no reply back. and have made a post in there forms on the rules with no luck yet. this has been :wall:

There are actually rules for the ladders, they just werent correctly linked from the ladders.

Greetings All,

This is an update to let you all know that the TWL GR:AW European 5v5 & 2v2 Ladders are still open for challenges & team sign-ups.

The revised rulesets for each can be found here:

European 5v5 Ladder Rules:


European 2v2 Ladder Rules:


Please take some time to read over the rules for these ladders & feel free to submit any errors or questions you find to me via email: beaver@teamwarfare.com

See you on the battlefiled.


Ian 'Beaver' Craven

TeamWarfare League

GR:AW EU Competion Director


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