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I've basically played GRAW for every weekend that it has been out( i have other things to do during the week)

I like the game and think with a few more patches and more mod support it will be great. But what i found it to be lacking after all this time is life. there is good immersion through sounds and visuals in GRAW but i feel it stops there. Take for example battlefield 2142 or Red Orchestra in those games you actually feel as though your part of something bigger than yourself. At least when I play BF2142 I feel as though there needs to be a team effort to win. But in GRAW i dont get that feeling. In the Sp mode of GRAW i basically feel as though Me and 3 sqaudmates are thrown into some section of some part of the city to fight some mexiacn soldiers while completeng objectives. there is no sense of being in the heat of something like a war, maybe that is how it is suuposed to be. I feel as though I am wandering around in Singleplayer with no real or higher truth to what I amdoing. Like I said no life or aura of human activity. the same is true for Multiplayer but less prominent. I think the probelm other than that there is no sense of life is that You only have 3 squadmates there arent a lot of friendly AI. GRAAW to me is slowly dying out as new games are released in the holiday season which is beggining in a month or so.

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@ Kakanater

I agree to large extent. But this has been the problem with all the games in the GR and Rainbow series and some other tactical shooers, not just Graw. It does not feel like I am a part of a living world. Ideally, I would have liked the enemies to go about their daily activities in a more realistic way. Currently, the only normal thing they do is patrol. I would like to see enemies laughing and talking among themselves, an officer comes in a car, gives them instructions and go away, soldiers sleeping or eating in camps etc. etc. In a nutshell, I want to see some non-combat AI and activity. This includes seeing animals and birds when I am going through a forest.

Among tactical shooters, Operation Flashpoint has given this feeling to some extent by using cutscenes. I like the idea of using cutscenes but we should be able to skip them by using a single key, while replaying. Vietcong has also created this feel of a living world to some extent. Obviously, RPG games have it and it feels really nice and immersive.

I disagree with the fact that the feeling of a war going on is needed as a full-fledged war is not really going on. I like the feel and suspense of a normal environment which is going to be broken when a firefight breaks out.

I am waiting for the day when Clancy games would have a living world where I can wage tactical combat.

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