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Closed Casket 2.0 Released - FINALLY


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I had hoped to get this out earlier, but there were some things I felt could be tweaked a bit more, plus I wanted to get the version issue taken care of. Not to mention that Grimm found some holes that let him get through on the side I fixed. That led to a complete addition of new gunners, so you have him to blame when you get nailed.

There are two versions of the map, and servers can run both if they want to. There are no known issues with versions, so have at it.

About the map : Lots more enemies have been added. The soft side of the map that some said was a bit easy to get through is not so easy any more, I hope. For Fire Fight killing the guys in the palace is NOT the end of the game.

Get the maps at my site at http://www.cyberjobes.com/grawMapping/maps/.

File servers feel free to distribute.

Feedback is much appreciated. I could use a good ego stroke about right now. :D

Thanks to Grimm, Yankee, Evilduck, ToW-DuCeSwIld, ToW-Talon, Piranha and Icedragon for help testing things. Thanks to JasonMX and Evilduck for input after original release.

Time for some rest, then back to the next map.


Rav :zorro:

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I'm downloading now. I just want to know if I need to delete Closed Casket before installing the the new final Closed Casket v2.0.


Best bet is to delete all closed caskets, then get the two from my site. Since you had one that was over written this will put you back to the old, and with the new.

Rav :zorro:

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