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Long time playing...Coming home..


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So yes...I rarely posted on Gr.net; I find it odd since I came to this website weekly to check out ghost recon mods, news, etc. and never did I once actually think to post here.

Well yeah; when GRAW was put out I had lost my mind and my hope for the future of GRAW and then...Then!! Did I sign up to the forums to post only regrets.

Just last week though; I had a sudden itch. An itch for [GR], somewhat like an evil heat...Creeping under my flesh...and ready to explode. After 11 months of not playing GR, I reinstalled the game and gave it a whirl. First thing was first though; dl all the mods I love...as well as the new mods that have been released these past months.

I must say...I am still blown out of the water at how good the game is.

I have been playing Red orchestra, Il2, helping beta test a few games...and moderating www.armed-assault-zone.com (waiting) as I wait for the game to be released....

As I type this...I stare at the box that has GRAW in it..and I laugh...I laugh with the knowing that a game of almost 5 and a half years of age is still kicking ass!

Well yeah; I am ranting..and most of you probably don't care...but I will say one things...

I am going to start modding in gr...and stick with it...my bloods boiling..and my mental phallus is protruding...ha!

So yes...

if its ok...I would like a welcome hug from the gr.net community...


-Enven. w00t

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My first 'modding' is mission designs...I'll see how it goes in the next month...How many mis.'s I can put out...after some testing..

I'll write more in the modding section.

Excellent dude, GR is a GREAT game, really fantastic, there are LOTS of mods still to come.


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