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First weapon model


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thanks guys!!

thanks to Snowfella the texture is now ready, he mentioned i forgot the little bolt thing on the front of the grip. although instead of modeling it on the model i decided to give painting it another try and i must say, it worked perfect!!

I will show you some new renders once i have finished the MP5SD3 and maybe after that model i will do some 10mm versions. I think i can just rip the 10mm mag of the UMP model and skin it with ease.

So expect another update very soon!! :D

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That last mp5 is my favorite thus far, and will become even more awesome with an -A3 stock.  :D

Will have it ready later today!!

@Kawada-T: the Mac-11 was one of my first models and is in the Silent Warrior 2 or 3 mod, can't remember which one it was exactly.

Also the UMP sd is also a model i already made, it is in this thread, but the UMP textures aren't ready yet.

Do you have a better picture of the AKS-74U SD MGS2 MOD ?

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Ya know what'd be cool?

The SL9.


Whoever said you couldn't put RIS on a G36... <_<

The page is in JAP but I saw RIS on the gun AND the page.

This would be a cool gun to include in a mod.

You can put ANY ris sight on a G36 with this rail system.

Cool! :D

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sorry, but before i can start a new model, i first want to finish the UMP textures and another couple of models i am working on at the moment.

But in the meantime, here is something you have been asking for..... :D


and of course i have forgotten the bolt release button that Snowfella mentioned a couple of days ago, will have it fixed asap.

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