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First weapon model


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Thanks guys!

I believe mr. Sonedecker answered the question about me working for Ghost Recon 3 in the 'Who's behind this time' thread.

Maybe some day....

In the meantime, here is a small render i made today to get my head of some things.


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damn slacker, how'd you miss that?

:thumbsup: - again, brilliant as we have all come to expect from you

lol, i really do not know, all the unskinned models have the bolt on them but the skinned models do not. i must have hit delete somewhere down the line.

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all those models and textures are totally awsome. kind of real professional :yes:

thank you for the compliment.... :D

Looks sweet Swartz!  Can you export that one so we can all see it in-game?

not right now, there are still some things i want to work on, and also some other mp5 models i want to finish first.

and a new one:


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