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First weapon model


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have been working on it and made some changes, trigger and taclight

here it is:


what mod will it be for and what fun goodies will it come with?

viper, i am not working in a mod just yet, just trying if i have the skills to make some weapons, maybe it will become a mod later.

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maybe it will become a mod later.

I hope so, it looks great!

don't know about the taclight - most spec ops people put them on just so they won't loose them, a infrared laser aimer / illuminator would be a better choice, like an AN/PEQ-2.

keep up the good work!

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Hold on guys it is only my first attempt at a gun model, all technical stuff comes later. :D and Argyll, the flash suppressor is this way in picture i am using, have a look at militarymorons.com, weapons section to see for yourself.

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