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HI I have tried this and it works fine - but it only edits the relevant line in the context file. This is useful (and I thank the maker for it) as it saves me doing it manually but in the original GR there was a tool (cant recall now if it was stock) that actually allocated priority to different mods packages - the mods were entered in the mods folder and given a specific order of priority by the user. That way if more than one package used the same resource files the system would know which one to apply (as it was in a package which had higher priority)

Has anyone done this - or is anyone doing it? It would be a fab addition. I think it would still be possible- but may be complicated by needing to read each xml file work out clashes in individual entries for each weapon etc and decide which had higher priority based on the settings entered by the user. As I recall it in the original GR it was easier than this as I think it may have used separate files for each mod component so if two mod packages modded the same source file it just ignored the one from the lower priority package.

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