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Just did a bundle and found that most of my time was eaten up by auto save files.

I have a habit of leaving the editor open for long periods, and the auto save keeps making saves for me. However, I always save my files, so can I delete the auto saved files once I do this?

It seems pointless to compile lots and lots of auto save files that are identicle. Most times the auto save occure because I did a render, walked away for a long peiod of time, and found that well over 100 auto saves have been made. In fact, last number was 1100+.

Can I safely delete all of them? Do I need to keep the last file auto saved?


Rav :zorro:

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just delete all the autosaves, keep the world ones tho.

It's always good to keep the old world files for reference if you ever have a crash, you can easly find a script online to see what changes was done, and find the unit or object that is screwing things up.

With the autosaves, fill free to delete thos as long as you keep one or two active, if you crash and did alot and didnt save, you cant restore from an autosave.

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When the editor bundles the map, it only uses the "world" it has stored in RAM. If it crashes while rendering or bundling all changes are gone if you haven't saved before or have an autosave that include the latest changes prior to the rendering.

So it doesn't use the autosaves at all. When it is doen rendering and bundling it saves a "normal" world file.

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