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Help Graw and Hamachi

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my friends and i have been trying to play coop together over the internet using hamchi as many ppl have suggested..

however when we use hamachi the game thinks it is LAN therefore using up massive amounts of our bandwidth, half the time 1 or 2 of us drop out and our Teamspeak starts cutting out and so on...

perhaps in europe or the states having the game set to LAN isnt aproblem because of ur high internet speeds, but all the way down here in Australia the average net connection is 1mb down and 256KB upload, its this 256KB upload that is restricting us from being able to play at LAN settings when trying to host a coop server..

with 256kb upload we will be lucky to have 2 ppl playing together, when the 3rd and4th person joins its all over..

is there a way to set the bandwidth that the game will use, like you can set ur speed for internet games??

all help appreciated


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