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To floppy or not to floppy

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I will be building a new rig in the next few weeks and have been toying with the idea of skipping the floppy drive. I can't tell you the last time I used a floppy. Other than flashing th BIOS I don't see the need. I have a USB thumb drive that I can use to flash.

Any thoughts?


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Get one, there what $14? And heck they are pretty useless but they are great for making boot disks. And I spose if you get a CD burner and Nero you can make bootable cd's. And what if somebody hands you a floppy to read a report they wrote and you have no floppy drive....unlikely but hey.

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When I was considering the parts for my new rig I also thought about skipping the floppy, but I found a cheap OEM one for only $7 and it will in come in handy for flashing the BIOS and BIOS updates.

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